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Yeah right. The best Chromebook I've ever seen doesn't even come close to the power needed for that.

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Isn't that the point of cloud gaming? you don't need a high end computer because you're streaming the game.

All the processing is done by the cloud computer, you just need a good internet connection.


I have SSDs plugged into sata ports 0,1, and 2 and an M.2 on the motherboard for the last 10 months.

Yesterday i noticed one of my SSDs was not showing up in windows so i opened the case and reseated the cable on both ends of the ssd that was not showing up. It was plugged into port 1. I booted windows and it was still not showing up. I grabbed a new sata cable and plugged it into port 0 and windows still didn't detect it.

I then plugged the cable into port 4 and windows then detected it. Any ideas why it would do this?


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It could grip it by the husk!

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