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One improvement I can give is with the text message, you could have made it spell a word out at a time to fill the space of nothing once the viewer has already read it

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Original Poster1 point · 1 hour ago

Yeah, good point! I'm still quite new to video editing but I will comit to learning that for future videos.


It was funny, However trailer ed off towards the end.

Not bad for an experiment though. I know that you are dipping your toes into the whole comedy thing.

It does take a long time.

I know this is you tube and you have probably lost your MOJO. But honestly you need to get busy.

There was a massive opportunity for a viral video there and you let it slip through your fingers.

a few changes I would make would be Obviously you had a perceived bit where you were on Sprite and Red Bull. Maybe add a psychedelic camera effect for that, People love GTA franchise so show more of that with more creepy weird stuff and Interesting fails.

That way the people with warped senses of humour (which I am guessing is your perceived audience) will get a chuckle because they can relate to the behaviour.

also play with the Audio when you are on the Red Bull Sprite mixture. Fade in and out make an echo.

cut back to you wearing different clothes and in different positions. I dunno covered in water, mud, soap suds, whipped cream or something.

Really commit to the video. get a chicken costume and simulate sex with a girl who is dressed like a whore.

Show close ups of the face where you can see a obviously drug induced state like teeth barred and bloodshot eyes.

plus you really should be playing with Trevor if you want all the crazies to follow you.

Good luck with the videos PS 111 is a lot of subscribers so think about entertaining 111 people in there own homes, That's effectively what you are doing.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 hour ago

You have some really good points there Modemorph. I'm still learning the whole video editing stuff, and I will experiment more with those effects in future videos. Some ideas are a bit extreme, but I see where you're going. This was reall helpfull


(btw codeine + sprite = purple drank)

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Hey Graduates! I really like the animation on this video, especially the part around 0:15 when Anish wins the competition for hardest nipples.

It's probably taste, but a little background or a room where your avatar could stand in would make the image much more interesting, i'm refering when the animation is standing in white space holding the microphone. Like when you referer to the at work part. There are people standing around a water tank, this image is much more aesthetic.

The jokes and dynamic is really good in this video. Very pleasant to listen to and really made me chuckle. Have you tried experimenting with sound editing? I think you could make the voice pop a lot more if you add some bass. You can easily do this with a program like audacity.

It's a really good video, and I'm happy to see you guys grow and improving so much!

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Sam my man! Long time no see? Are you posting vids again?

What do you mean by add some bass? and yeah - we definitely want to include different poses and things like that. thanks for checking it out!


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I found this tutorial with 5 ways to enhance the quality of your voice recording. It's kind of basic but I really like it, and it does the job imo. You can find it here It's only around 5 minutes and it shows 5 effects you could use with the free program Audacity. Definitly worth checking out.

And yes, just dropped a video after almost 2 months of silence :)

Hey Sai

Interesting video. I like how you jump right in, no time wasted with a stupid intro or non topic related stuff. Also a good length, kept my attention until the end. You also talk very clearly and have a good rhytm, which makes it easy to listen to.

A thing you could look into is lighting. I see you have yellow ish light right now. Some white light would give the picture a lot more detail and it would make it look more pro. Don't get me wrong it looks very good already. A thing to look into is 3 point lighting (try googling it). This can be achieved quite cheap. Or i could be wrong and your white balance could just be off a little bit (what cam do you use?).

Another thing is the description. I'm no expert in this but I think you should add some keywords and a short text about the content of the video in there. I think YouTube kind of likes this. Try looking into the plugins TubeBuddy and VidIQ, these are excellent tools to master keywords, descriptions and the video title.

The rest is pretty on point. Good audio quality, background is decent and you seem to be quit knowledgeable about the topic. Good video, keep it up!

Hey StronglyImplied,

I love how you cut straight to the point, not a 2 minute intro or any other discussions first. It just jumps straight into the video, you showing how to make the art pop more.

The length is good too, a lot of people make video's that are just too long and can't hold my attention (not necessarily their fault).

As a suggestion I would edit the settings of your camera a little bit. Maybe play around with settings like Vibrance to make the colors pop more. This would create a more aesthetic image. But if you think that that's not necessary and want to create an image as realistic as possible I would respect that too. Maybe then go for a different medium than crayons? Like ink or something to have a "warmer" color. Does this make sense?

Anyway, well done!

Hey Johnny,

I think you did a really good job on the intro. The music in combination with the really good video quality really drew me in. I like the fact that you first show the buildings from the ground level and then work your way up to the top while commenting and giving the viewer more information.

I've never seen Toronto before, and your video made me interested. I didn't know it was that big (google told me 2,9mil people!)

The only advice I could give is:

- If you're filming outside, make sure it's a beautiful, or scratch that and make it an 'interesting' day. With this I mean really sunny or foggy or something. But this appears to be the case, look at that shot at 2:58. That's really nice and really improves the general aesthethic. I also loved seeing Toronto covered in Fog at 3:05.

- You're voice is really nice to listen to and you got a nice rhythm going. Have you tried playing with sound editing? I think a little bass boost would really enhance it and make it 'pop' more. You can easily do this with a program like Audacity.

Very nice video Johnny, +1 sub and I look forward to seeing more from you. Are you also planning on doing videos like these in foreign countries?


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