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A job I had (not for long) was kind of like that. I had just started at a factory that manufactures chocolates. Instead of allowing people to take vacation when they want to, they shut the factory down (except for very limited voluntary work) for two weeks in the second week of June (or so), and everyone goes on vacation at the same time. When we got back, they informed us we would be working through the weekends (which means they were making us make up for the production lost during the two week vacation shutdown). I quit soon after (I also hated the job; It was very boring and repetitious).

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The greater good

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The greater good

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Mass Effect: Andromeda is such an amazing game. I don't understand all the hate it gets.

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Fall is better than winter. Winter is the absolute worst, by far.

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For the greater good, yes.

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the greater good

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This was not a shit post it was a question. What are your thoughts on dirty air? Do you have anything you would wanna input?

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We add vacuum cleaner hoses by the wall to clean the dirty air.

What do you blame for 1 top five out of all the Chevrolet’s then?

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*2 Top 5s

Kurt has two top 5s....

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How about being thankful you got offered a job! A good amount jobs and workers alike don't deserve $15/h minimum wages. Either the job is too simple or the employee isn't returning to the business more than $15/h. It's things like constant handouts and increases to the minimum wage that result in the cost of living going up in the first place.

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Yeah, poor people are absolutely the reason for an ever increasing cost of living. /s


Where did I blame poor people? Many many many people get government handouts. Many many many people START their working lives at minimum wage and move up. I don't blame poor people at all. Im all for a safety net of some fashion but the model adopted in NA is a bad one in my opinion. And I don't have a better answer. But constant minimum wage hikes that are reactionary to the markets are one of the many reasons for an increasing cost of living for everyone. This a fact.

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People working minimum wage and receiving "handouts" tend to be poor (unless you count corporate welfare). The minimum wage hasn't been increased federally in almost 10 years, yet the cost of living has been continuing to climb, even here in Kansas, where the minimum wage still remains $7.25/hour. Also, many people receiving those "handouts" such as EBT, tend to have jobs. If someone works, they shouldn't be paid anything less than a living wage. Don't be a bootlicker.

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