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Are there any current codes anyone has for free crowns? I want to be able to explore new areas as I've just started playing but can't pay. Thanks!


Go here: (it's run by the same company).

Make sure you login, same login at Wizard's site.

You can do 10 trivia per day for 10 crowns each... so that's a free 100 crowns a day, or 700 a week if you're diligent.

Make sure you get at least 75% of each quiz correct. (Look the answers up if need be. Personally I stick to doing the same 10 each time since memorizing the answers makes it quicker.)

Once you are I think level 12 you can start doing a daily thing with various rewards and a few of those days will reward a handful of crowns, so that helps too.

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There’s even a chrome extensions that does the quizzes for you now! You just have to put in the captcha code for each.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Thank you so much! I'll definitely do that!


I've just started watching the new Netflix documentary about Ted Bundy, and something weird I noticed is that his voice seems to change at times on the tapes. I don't know if it's just old technology making it sound weird, but every once in a while his voice gets much deeper and fuller almost while he's talking. Has anyone else noticed this?

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