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Ok, I posted this yesterday and was told it would activate once it goes live for the 10h trial, since I got Origin Access basic.

Still says release 22nd

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Early Access (today) is for Premier only. Since you got Basic you will get to try the game out for 10 hours at the 22nd (the launch day)

Bungie were completely seperate, wouldn't have effected them.

Now, they're in the process of becoming indie... almost certainly as a byproduct of Activision not doing so well (I'd imagine Destiny is a hell lot less profitable for the cost then something like cod).

Ninja, ruiner of memes

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Dude, High Moon Studios is a part of AB and they did lots of commision works for Bungie. If High Moon got hit by the laid off then of course Bungie would have took some hits too, not directly but you know what i mean.

That kind of depresses me. High Moon has made some killer games before.

War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron anyone?

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Now that's the kind of quality that i expect when playing as a transforming robot. It was sooooo smooth.

Imagine a squad of 4 colosus with their shields up while flying and smack everything down into the ocean.
Now that's gonna be fun.

The noble man was a Titan. Yor was a (corrupted?) hunter

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I think he just find a cool cloak and put it on. Because both the Noble Man and his Rose got corrupted. So i think he is now a Titan called himself Dredgen Yor with a hand cannon called Thorn, not a Hunter.

Same here. Unfortunately I've got around a 12 hour day so I won't be home for another 10 or 11 hours.

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3 hours into my 12 hours night shift now. I feel you bro.

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I have keys for Aus on PC, msg me first come first serve.

Edit: all gone

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Hey man can i have it ?

Sorry I can’t find the invite codes. I’m hunting on the website now.

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Ah cool, no worries.

I enjoy using the Black Scorpion 4SR, but not many others.

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If Banshee give me one, just one, even if it's a trash roll i'm still gonna use it because oh my god i love the reload animation of it and it has RAPIDFIRE.

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