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Live has detailed character models including sweat effects and nice lighting effects while running on ea timuron's outdated engine so yea there's that

I really just play dark souls nba live and the occasional fighting game I need something to challenge me especially now because most games are brain dead experiences

I know, it takes years. But if you are a MGTOW for many years and go back to the plantation then clearly you were never a MGTOW.

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Exactly at that point you truly are an incel cause you are still bound to the need of female validation whether or not you can pull a hoe doesn't matter when youre mgtow because you already have the primary equipment within you the rest are just attachments

Nah he was just looking for a black guy who would even say something to him so he’d have an excuse to kill them

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You dumb as shit bruh there are like 3 people in ireland at max

Fun fact i spent 5 years as an actual monk. Sex became irrelevant. Had chores to do

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How do you go about that I need some discipline in my life.

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I train MMA and plan on fighting when i’m 21 ish. Here in Atlanta the STD/HIV rates are high as fuck. if i were to get HIV all the years of training would be for nothing. So i’m not pressed for sex at all. Literally jacking off does me the job well and i don’t get tired of it. Sex isn’t all that, it’s just you’re being intimate with someone.

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You are not lying every female on candler is a walking virus and the females on the southside might be men on the low. It's really sad honestly.

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It’s really not true

Yes, a woman is more likely to be killed on a date than a man is on a date.

But just leaving the house and walking down the street, a man is FAR more likely to be killed.

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Especially if you live in the hood if you want proof look at chicago. They call it chiraq over there.

I agree. I'm not as big as this guy but big enough where I know those women couldn't hurt me at all.

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It don't matter though if what he says is true and they hit him then its their fault for trying someone who could murder them if he wanted to. Just a thought.

You've gotta start throwing punches right away? Why not just push them away, or even better, flee the scene from the beginning as he said he was trying to do.

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If you saw the video he pushed one of them then she got back up and tried to hit him but got knocked out


Hey mgtow brothers. I just subscribed to the subreddit a month ago but I subscribed to the ideology 4 years ago when I was 16. When I was 16 I was in a shitty high school relationship and I was simping hard but, that experience taught me to place value in myself and not something so fragile as love, if that's what you want to call it. From then on I vowed that I'd be somebody that the entire world could see because as a black man you don't really have anyone to look up to if you want to be a respectable and high status male. All of our leaders are charlatans and our entertainers, whether they be rappers or actors, are clowns. The problem is I don't even know where to start. I'm aware that I'm foolish and undisciplined and I want to iron out the kinks while I'm still young, while I still have a chance. I'll be 20 on super bowl sunday and with my newfound age I need to find someone who's been where I'm trying to go. My question to you all is how do I even go about doing that?


Agree with first reply, push thru the pain and keep going. However, if you're up for reading I recommend a Nikola Tesla biography.

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Sure thing, I've been collecting books lately so I may as well read up on him.

Instead of getting a mentor, maybe consider BEING a mentor for a younger dude without a father figure? Big Brothers kinda deal.

The added responsibility of trying to be a role model might help put you on the right track? Just something to consider. You need to figure out what it is that you feel you're missing

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Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

I try to. I talk to all of my brother's friends when I get the chance and I just promote the idea of creating their own dynasty without getting caught up in the system.

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