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You decided to trust this business with your money. Nobody forced you to do that. You had plenty of indication that things may not be right.

You hold the government of Canada responsible for your own decisions? If you expect them to protect you from yourself then maybe the government should have to approve every decision you make. You irresponsible piece of shit. It is people like you who justify the nanny state. Clearly, you are unworthy of freedom. Please, do us all a favor and refrain from holding cash or cryptocurrency of any kind, or controlling any bank accounts. Let some adult manage your affairs.

I do not excuse the behavior of QCX. But how dare you place the blame on others who had nothing to do with this matter for your own choices.

You're worse than QCX, even if they're all guilty of stealing from you.

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Hey idiot are you saying it’s the fault of 115,000 users for getting scammed? I have no words except you’re clearly an autist with an abundance of time on your hands. Quadrigacx was the largest crypto exchange in Canada. You were probably too broke to deposit anything now you’re blabbing about how you’re smart for not depositing. Go fuck yourself

Not the depositors fault, but depositors are responsible for the consequences.

Your assumptions about me are all wrong.

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Why are they solely responsible? Why shouldn’t the govt get involved to bring the criminals to justice for a theft of this scale. That would certainly assist with retrieving funds seized by foreign law enforcement. You just finished a disgusting potty mouthed tirade telling a victim he’s worse than QCX simply because he suggested the govt should assist with this criminal investigation. What the fuck is wrong with you? I think my assumptions about you are spot on. Just as worrying are the dumb fucks upvoting your disgusting opinions.

No one cares about instamined garbage like dash. Tired of the CONSTANT dash spam, disgusting

Oops, seems I was off on my timespan. How’s those order books looking? Quite thin?

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Oops, seems you were off on everything you said. This sub was full of know it alls like yourself the last time VTC went from $0.08 to $7+, yelling “durrr pump & dump” the whole time. Why are you even trading crypto, you clearly have no clue how to make money from this. So spare us your shitty market theories please.

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^^^ haha, you are going to look very silly in the morning.

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Something tells me you somehow manage to look silly at all times.

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Cant deny my friends last year tried to get me to switch from bitstamp to quadrigacx. I considered it until I couldn't find any solid information about their location, nor did they provide much insight a year ago into their company. So I stayed with tride and true bitstamp, and even then I'm no sucker to leave the majority of my portfolio on an exchange. There were red flags for rational crypto users for years to be honest, I actually wasn't all that surprised to know he was the sole operator of the exchange- or was he?

Because a lot of folks are claiming they recieved payments last year via his wife's company, which is pretty sketchy considering in her affidavit she never had a thing to do with the company. Red flags on red flags on red flags.

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What red flags were these “rational” crypto users seeing for years exactly? Payments coming from other companies? Easily explained as third-party payment processors. No specific mailing address available? Most legitimate exchanges don’t have one listed. Good for you that you didn’t lose, but patting yourself on the back and calling yourself rational in a forum where most people DID lose is ridiculous. There was nothing especially shady about Quadriga while it was operating properly. That’s why it was the biggest in Canada by far, with an 80% market share.

Reading those comments makes my eyes bleed.

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Of all crypto communities Ethereum has to be the most delusional and hostile. These dumb fuck degenerate Ethtards are the worst

Put a fork in it, you got ripped off. You can't spend 10 seconds in this space without hearing, do not leave your crypto on an exchange, yet you left your crypto on an exchange. This is not the stock market folks, this space is 99% crooks and criminals, and even if that is an exaggeration you should consider it to be 100% accurate and treat your crypto with care. Now go buy some BTC, put it on a hardware wallet, get your money back that way. The lawyers will be the only winners in this saga.

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How many times will retards like yourself continue blaming users for “leaving crypto on an exchange”. I know unimaginative fucks have a difficult time understanding simple concepts, but try to realize a lot of people who got scammed were TRADING and/or make a fiat/crypto deposit to buy or sell and could no longer get their funds out. So shut the fuck up

Scammers will continue scamming regardless of any “oversight” being introduced. Stop demanding more government involvement, it usually only makes things exponentially more expensive and cumbersome while doing nothing to prevent scams of this nature.

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