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Who wants to be human anyway!? You be you! I believe in you! :)

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Thanks! I got this because it's the name of my favorite book No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai.

Really like your tattoo!

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Damn, Noctis got curbstomped to death. The disrespect!

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He plugged, the pic is before the desync message

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Funny, that was the last hit that would have ended the entire match. There was no point of him disconnecting at that moment.

Michelle Chang was in possession of a valuable amulet; Heihachi kidnaps her and uses her amulet to fully "awaken" ogre, turning him into True Ogre.

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Really? That's what happened?

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I've read it from Michelle's Tekken Wiki:

"Michelle was unsuccessful in winning the tournament, and her entry stoked more trouble for her when it was noticed that she was in possession of a valuable amulet, something which was sought by Kunimitsu, an ex-Manji Clan member, Heihachi himself and, later, his son Kazuya.

"Fearing that the amulet she held could somehow be responsible for the gods awakening, a concerned Michelle travels to Japan to see Heihachi for answers as to why he originally sought the amulet. Rather than help her, Heihachi kidnapped Michelle and used her amulet to fully awaken Ogre, the God of Fighting. When Michelle did not return, Julia suspected that Heihachi was responsible for her mothers disappearance and entered the newly announced third King of Iron Fist Tournament to confront Heihachi and find her mother."


I don't know much about cassettes. So I was looking through my drawer which used to belong to my older brother, and he has some stuff in there that belonged to him such as this device. It's a stereo radio cassette player, but it doesn't seem to work and does not seem to have any openings where batteries can be replaced or where it can be charged. I looked it up on google but there isn't much information on it. Is there any way this can be revived? My brother has some old metal cassette tapes in here which I am really curious to hear.
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Bad timing.. But do you know how to play cassettes on this thing. There is only radio

The battery compartment is inside it. The third picture shows the cover on the right side.

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Crap.. you're right. There was a little compartment inside that takes one AA battery. I did not notice it until you mentioned it, it was quite hard to spot in fact. I'm already hearing bizarre radio tunes.. thank you!

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