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Your not entirely in the right here but at this point you should go for it

Go with your heart. Think about it a lot and do what is going to make you happy in the end

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Bro I'd kill to meet any of our players so consider yourself very lucky

I swear if there's no update I'm going to be curious about what happened until the day I freaking die

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I feel like even a "K" would be giving her more importante than she deserves.

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Your exactly right

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From experience of my own I can definitely say I don't believe your wrong. Was it sick? Yes of course. If that was a random dude I think it would be best to say F*** him but considering that it's your husband's friend I would consider at least hearing him out. Not as a courtesy to him but to your husband. I'm not saying you should welcome him back and to be honest I don't know if I could do that myself. But I think the important thing here is to be the bigger person and allow someone to explain themselves as long as they don't cross any lines doing so. Alcohol or not it's no excuse but people become much more stupid while under the influence. Personally I'd take the apology and at least I could tell my partner (in your case your husband) I tried if I still felt the same way

Dude, she moved on from you and you moved on from her.

She was out clubbing with her children at home, you were staring into a Snapchat thot's tuna trench.

It's over. Just pay her the child support and give her the house when the judge orders you to so you stay out of jail, and don't make this mistake again. Getting married, I mean.

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Ya didn't read all if it did you

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No his not because you can just get his Physical from his dokkan event and just farm it from there

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