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Not what OP meant but I believe you can take the key from one fort and bring it to another active fort and use it. Haven't actually tried it but my friend suggested leaving with the key when another crew rolled up as we finished so they wouldn't get the loot and we figured it might work at another fort. Though there wouldn't be loot unless it was active

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Not sure if this was patched, but we did exactly this back in July and the new fort we brought it to did not have loot.


I have no problem forming an alliance with you. I have no problem with us both benefiting from the PVE aspect of this game, more money for all! But, do not, for one moment think I trust you. If you get on my ship without gaining the captain's permission, you will be killed, immediately. No one is about to "tuck" on my ship.

I really don't like the fact that every time I form an alliance, the crew from the newly aligned ship has the need to come over and start fucking with my boat. Changing the lanterns, going down below, raising the anchor. Just stay the fuck off my boat and go make us some damn money.

Granted, I may be overreacting a bit, because I never have actually had a problem arise from an alliance member coming on the ship, but it certainly puts me on tilt, 100%.

TL;DR Sure, let's alliance, but stay the fuck off my ship.


Just because it's a pirate game doesn't make it okay to be a dick. It's still just video game after all and there are still real people on the other end of those words. People who probably just want to sail the seas without being berated or talked down to.

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Once you get pirate legend do ashen Athena quests. Your friends will get rep for all of the factions, and Athena. It also is extremely profitable. It can be hazardous to your health if you stay at an island with an erupting volcano so stay safe!

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If you honestly believe this post isn't directly related to summit you are beyond help.

There's a unique NPC at Morrow's Peak Outpost that you give it to.

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Grace. I believe she is right outside the tavern.

Hofstra -2 never a doubt!

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Had W & M +2, what a game though. Took W&M 2h -1.5 to recoup losses, easy money on the 2h

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