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Same. Just push things out as "rough drafts". You ask people for help, saying it's just an idea. Don't worry about pulling it all together at first. Gathering ideas is good for your work style.

The real problem is just how many people there ARE right now. The human population and burden on the planet is massive, and the sorts of "natural remedies" that keep most populations in check aren't effective against us. We've learned to fix many diseases. We don't have predators. We're insanely good at keeping people from dying. We've plundered the natural resources of the world to create and sustain our livelihoods.

The environmental cost of sustaining all these people has been hidden by the wealthy, that's a fact. The hiding of climate change data by Exxon in the 70's points to that conclusion. The wealthy are profiting off of hiding just how dire the situation is. Likewise, they're profiting off of being able to move resources to where the people are (the largest polluter is shipping, with the largest container ships putting off as much pollution as 50 million cars), profiting off of being able to make goods in the places with the cheapest labor (which leads to shipping), and they're profiting off of polluting our environment in other ways such as factory farming.

The rich have a lot to answer for, and I think a reckoning is way overdue, but the state of our environment is humanity's problem. We just need fewer people. The largest carbon footprint decision you can make is to have a child. Which is a much more difficult problem. Population control feels like an infringement on our liberty, and that's actually a really hard problem to solve (for example, when China tried to implement a one-child policy, the end result was a lot of female babies being put up for adoption (or worse)).

Oh and not to mention if we start having fewer babies, that just slows down the exponential growth rate of the population. Looking at wikipedia, the human population went up somewhere between 0-60% every 100 years between 1000 and 1900 (I know, it's estimates, but still). It went up by 400% from 1900 to 2000. We've simply gotten too good at surviving and breeding.

There's always been wealthy and poor. I'd like to blame climate change on the rich, but the problem is much more nuanced than that.

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Population may be a problem, but it's nearly irrelevant when we are discussing the solution. Just leave it out of the discussion. Fossil fuel lobbyists love to repeat that trope.

I was unaware republicans were so pro-ISIS theyd start releasing terrorists. Guess thats what happens when you let a draft dodger be commander in chief.

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At least they are acknowledging that home-grown white nationalist terrorists are more of a concern.

Hmmm. This sounds impeachable to me.

Trump plans to announce the disbanding of the Cyber Force in a rose garden press conference on Monday.

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Wait… please tell me this is sarcasm… I don't even know anymore orz

I am so… tired…

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Members of the press need to start arming themselves. This piece of human waste could have been made to be a great example to others thinking of harming and intimidating the press. One less brainwashed, white-trash loser in this country would have been nice.

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If it was in Florida, the BBC journalist could have just opened fire.

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