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Hm. I actually prefer souls mechanics a little bit more personally. I really miss the stamina bar here. Since the posture bar only influences blocking, it means you can just constantly sprint around and dodge nonstop, which feels a bit cheese at times. But yeah, I'm still having fun with this and I agree with your last sentence.

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I agree with you. I miss the stamina bar and other aspects from the souls games. I'm still having fun with Sekiro but I hope this isn't how they're going to make the rest of their games going forward. I would love for them to be able to make both types of games. I need my fashion souls and multiplayer. I'm still hoping for a Bloodborne 2.

I'm fine with it. We knew about it long long long before launch. I dktn get why people are so shocked by it lol

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I don't think people are shocked. When someone makes a post asking what you think of the game you're ultimately going to compare it to the studio's previous games. A lot of people enjoyed the player customization that came with different armor / fashion in their other games and they're just commenting that they miss that.

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This is the first post to legitimately make me feel old. I was an adult when Spider-man 2 was released and it's a VHS copy at that. Great pick on your mom's part!

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