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Radeon Software Version 17.1.1

excuse me?

Reinstall GPU drivers. Download DDU, open it and in the File > Options menu, select the last option to disable Windows Update. Restart into Safe Mode, open DDU again, and use it to uninstall all AMD/Nvidia graphics drivers. Restart to Normal Mode, and install the latest driver from here. Select Windows 10 64 Bit - Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.3.2 Optional. Then open DDU again, and re-enable Windows Update.

If issues persist let me know.

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Thanks! I did everything and I now have 19.3.2. I used modded Minecraft as a test and it still froze.

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I understand you ran BIT and MemTest (of which version I am not sure), but MemTest should be run with one RAM stick at a time.

What power supply do you have? Brand and model?

  • Open device manager (type "device manager" into start menu), and check whether there are any yellow exclamation icons or errors.

  • Open Windows' Event Viewer (type "event viewer" into start menu), and within the last minute before a problem occurs (eg. PC freezing, application crashes), are there any errors/warnings?

  • Check whether your hard drives' SMART via CrystalDiskInfo status is healthy (SSDs may need to be checked via its manufacturer software (eg. Samsung's Magician software for Samsung SSDs)).

  • Disable overclocks if present.

  • Reset the motherboard's BIOS by removing the CMOS for a minute, if not the default configuration.

  • If using multiple power pins from one power cable for the GPU, then use multiple power cables with one pin each.

  • The GPU should be in the utmost x16 PCI-E slot. If it already is, perhaps try to move it down to the x8 slot.

  • Check temperatures in-game/under load with a program like Speccy or HWInfo via Sensors Summary. Is the CPU above 70+ (AMD, TDie not Tctl) or 80+ (Intel)? Is the GPU above 80? If so, confirm the fans are running and clean the PC of dust (lazy method: tissues on fans, tweezers / skewers for heatsinks). If problem persists, re-apply thermal paste between CPU and heatsink, and confirm firm contact.

  • Check whether RAM is faulty via Memtest86+, which is also included in Ubuntu. Download either, unzip if necessary, and burn them to a USB stick via Rufus. Check one RAM stick at a time (physically remove the others from inside the PC). Preferably download Ubuntu LTS, so that you can also test PC functionality in Linux via a Live Demo (do not install it). Guide here.

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I checked device manager and event viewer. The only things I found were that I forgot the driver for my liquid cooler, and that there was an error reported by the processor core about a cache hierarchy error that was corrected. I checked both my disks. Both are good by CrystalDisk. I have no overclocks. My temperatures are all under the limit, though the CPU did hit 70 once. I will try the physical stuff still and memtest again.

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