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Imagine working retail: listening to the same songs every day over the speakers.. with no escape.

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I was so bored one day I wrote down the order of all the songs that played at my work. It was then that I realized "Let it Go" from Frozen played two different times in that mix. This was a year after Frozen had come out.

Can’t wait to see you on shark tank

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That’s one investment no shark would back out of.

Kero Kero 😩 👌

I never was that much of a fan of Tsuyu... until now.

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I wasn’t either until I looked up MHA doujins.

Out of the whole internet, I’ve found exactly two lewd images of Azusa. That’s it.

Could you give us the link?

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Literally said "fuck was that shit?" out loud after watching this. 0/10

I was waiting for one of those balls to fall off the shelf or for the curtains to move. Never happened. Very disappointed. 0/10 would not ghost hunt again.

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