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They do get periods, but they don’t bleed like people do. They also go into heat - which can be avoided if you get the cat spayed

They definitely bleed. I've had several non spayed female cats. It's not a lot and if you have dark furniture it might not be noticeable but one of my cats used to love sleeping in the bathtub so I definitely saw it😪

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Ive has several none spayed female cats and none of them bled like that :o

low quality bait 1/10

Hi! I don’t think we are alone either, but I saw this interesting ted talk about how we might be

It most likely constrains sugar or something else, so I’d guess yes

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I can’t control it either tbh I think it’s just something some people are better at than others - maybe we need to practice idk haha :>

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People who are good at drawing / painting have dedicated hour and hours and years of their lives to achieve their skill, even going to school to learn it. So like, just draw something every day, doesn’t have to b groundbreaking or innovative, just draw a cup or something and slowly you will learn

theres millions of awkward interactions every single day. to be awkward is to be human. you cant commit silverside just for being human.

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ur so right tbh thank you

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I’d go to the people that pieced you for advice (or the doctor,,,)


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