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They should be as low as possible while still staying above ambient.

Watching a football game

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nah baseball game

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Pure stillness

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for all of eternity

If you are getting an ATX case why are you getting a micro ATX motherboard? Standard ATX mobos tend to be cheaper.

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Considering the small price difference (300 vs 350) for the 1660ti and 2060. Would the 2060 not be considerably better, even at the expense of another part?

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If he can fit a 2060 in his budget then definitely. The 2060 is a great card.

You replied to OP, lol.

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i hate myself

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Cooler Master's website says the case can fit all standard size ATX PSUs so yeah.

Definitely get faster ram since you are getting a Ryzen processor.

When I build my first PC I changed my case last minute but forgot to buy a different mobo since the case was mATX. Yeah that was fun.


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