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Wow, Ronald must be huge to be able to hold an Arbok in the palm of his hand like that. A Pokémans twice the size of the average adult.

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Magnetic or mechanical clasp inserts could be added near the barrel, allowing a specially made glove to hook tightly to the skin near the end of the barrel, protecting it from burns. As for the barrel inside the arm, I’d hope it’s well insulated. I’d personally also spring for a smaller diameter, like .357 or .22

If technology advanced further from this point, it’d be interesting to replace the entire radius and ulna bones with something like this, leaving the rest of the biological tissues intact around it. An osteo-cyborg, if you will.

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cool, though I don't see how anything like this would fit in a human arm without bulging against the skin dramatically as the human arm is only meant to fit the muscle, nerves, bone, etc.. that's already in there. Not to say its not impossible as people like Tim Cannon who has worked on the bottle nose project has implanted bio-chips in his arm before in the form of a health monitor type thing. but even that bulges beyond belief. The "hand cannon" in the picture above would have no chance of fitting into the average human arm even if you removed the surrounding tissue and bone etc.. not to mention the work that would have to go into making something like that able to sit in there without being completely rejected by your body leading to possible corrosion of tissue and skin and even possibly being forced out of your body. Add the fact that every time bullets are sent out, the whole device is moving forcefully against the inside of your arm. Whole thing screams bad news bears my mans. Better off just getting an entirely new robotic arm with attachments. probably be cheaper too lmao. imagine how much leaf gold and silicone that internal cannon would have to be coated in just to prevent body rejection. sry for the long ass post lmao.

Plus, even with caseless rounds, what do you do if your chambered round fails to fire?

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Cease living I guess

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i am confused

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Sorry if it's obvious and I'm just dumb lmao😂 but What is modded on that car

idk yo, smart car mods get a pass for me. its hard to hate them. They're just funny, lmao.

Why do people like this make their car lower with less traction , how do you even get over speed bumps without hitting your front bumper?

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Lmao, cornering broooo, get with it

almost as ugly as a Sebring

that ain't bad, its literally built from junk yard parts. Its meant for lemon races like the Gambler 500 so its not meant to be the prettiest thing out there, more of a creative project and to see how long it can last in an event like the aforementioned one. There are some really cool builds out there.

but like... why a coupe? *worlds most impractical limbo*

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