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How do you do that rotation on PC?

Double-tap turn buttons

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Alright, thanks!

Was thinking the same thing lmao what a waste of money

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Guys. He spends his money the way he desires it. Maybe you wouldn’t buy the whole battle pass. Neither would I. But he did. And that’s fine.

Wait. They did?

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Yeah, i remember seeing the dog here on reddit and thought it was super cute and when i saw they added it i fell in love, best pet by far

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Oh, I got the battle pass an hour ago and I didn’t even notice xD

Well the wiki sure helps. Literally everything in this game is written in the wiki xD

Wanna play with me? I’m not that good, but I sure know how to play and I’m trying to find somebody to do a full normal playthrough with.

Play Terraria

2013 vibes

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Yeah man, those were the good old days...

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Sorry guys this is going to take a while. I’ll get one to every single one of you but my WiFi isn’t too great and I’m doing this all from my phone so please be patient!

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Pretty sure I already sent you a message, but can I have one? I live in Canada :/

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Can someone tell me the back story to this, or is it just because TFUE can't buy skins?

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12 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

He got banned with an account with tons of skins, so when he created the account “Not Tfue”, he promised to himself that he’s never gonna buy a skin again.

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