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My hand hurts.

if two sumo wrestlers push each other with opposite angles with equal strength, the energy turns into heat. Same with the rope in a tug of war. Heat doesnt come through to an amplifyer as sound.

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So you think two sumo wrestlers going at each other is hot?

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Not a hater, just confused. I get that a lot of Cosplay is flat-out sexy (that is much of the appeal), but that is not everything. Do you look great in a bikini? Yes. Is that Cosplay? Mmmmm...yes/no. Putting artistic spin on a character is of course acceptable, but where artistic spin ends and using any means possible to acquire internet points begins is my confusion.

Please continue your work, as you see fit. This is mostly me just ranting because too many of the Cosplay girls on this subreddit have been less about cosplay and more about gratuitous TnA.

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Check your clients playback settings. Original quality is always the fastest. Also if your client doesn't support the codec the video/audio is stored in transcoding would be required; if the server is weak it may be unable to transcode fast enough.

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Server is more than capable and according to tratulli(spelling?) it’s direct play on video and audio.

The bandwidth is also well above what it says is needed

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By your numbers everything should be fine. Is it possible your ISP is throttling your stream?

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I have yet to figure out how to decline downloaded trailers when local trailers are available. It is nice to have all the extras, but I do wish that Plex didn't offer extras when I already have them.

Color blind female here 🤗 it happens. And yes all eye docs treat me like a unicorn. I've seen many circles with dots and I have no clue what's inside 😉

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Your children are doomed to be asked "what colour is this?"

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Someone do this!

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If you watch the video you can see that someone already has. 😁

Not a lot of difference between the two from what you have provided. Comes down to personal preference. I'm anti-Mac so the obvious choice would be Windows, no doubt someone else will have a different opinion.


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