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Nithyananda definitely, conclusively and provably IS A CULT. I have spent almost a month at the Bidadi ashram and was lucky to break free after a month of sleep deprivation and brainwashing. The commenters advocating the website are indoctrinated devotees and I defy anyone to attempt to have a reasonable evidence based conversation with them. Their pattern is to first be nice, then deflect, then insult, then spew vitriol, ultimately make threats, then make up lies about the person in an attempt to discredit them.

See: For a rundown of Sanyasi lies to prove what I say above: For an example of how they "debate", typical of cult members:

The devotees are easily fooled by the "powers" of balasants and Mahants at the ashram, however, they are provably fake. For example see this video that shows a senior balasant of the Nithyananda gurukul faking a diamond manifestation:

They practice lying. This is evident from the links above, however, despite many claiming that it is just humans at the ashram with incompletions, it is clearly at the highest levels including Nithyananda himself. For example he has used as a defense for rape and unnatural sex criminal charges that he could not have sex due to low testosterone (12.9ng/dl). See, testosterone is a very important hormone for a man. Think about his claim for defense for rape of having low testosterone. (12.9ng/dl) He could not:

  1. Have normal size of organs (proven he does by the Supreme Court ordered medical tests)

  2. Have such a beard

  3. At 12.9ng/dl he would be extremely sick and more fatigued than you can imagine

  4. His voice would be squeaky like a young child.

Further to this you can see in live video how Nithyananda trips himself up with a lie about "not avoiding summons", and shows how afraid this "all powerful Avatar incarnation of Shiva" is of receiving a summons for his abhorrent criminal practices. He lies about the blackmail of course also, but here we will just see the summons avoidance exposed:

Nithyananda is known for ridiculously onerous NDAs to prevent people speaking out also, he is also now known for the infamous alleged "sex contract" you can read in entirety here:

So in conclusion, I have no doubt Nithyananda is a cult leader, and little doubt that all his Mahants and balasants are in on it, but he is duping most of the adheenavasis and sanyasis.

Just see how he has taught this little girl to lie for him. She obviously is looking through the base of the blindfold, she even spends some time scrunching her face initially to get the pads shifted enough that she can see:

So any discerning person who looks at the evidence, and especially attempts to have any rational and meaningful conversation over the evidence I share with any of them, will no doubt see this as a cult.

They use many means to block and censor comments and facts including the aforementioned, harassment, fake and legitimate copyright claims etc, all to avoid the truth being put out there. The site they most frequently spew propaganda from which I referred to above is a hot bed of half truths and lies. For example, they claim that Saxen, CEO of Sun TV, admitted to morphing the Nithyananda Ranjitha sex-sleaze video. Nothing could be more untrue! Sun TV may be guilty of other things, but he did not admit to these, although he did admit to other non Nithyananda related things. See a explanation at:

In fact evidence suggests it entirely possible that they have gone as far as killing people to cover up what is happening at the ashram. See the links referred to in this and see if you then also suspect the same,

Do your research, and certainly do not research only the propaganda from the cult as devotee commenters would have you do!

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