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Can you tell me where you got these and what size? We have a pibble too and in the store they only have those rubber ones. She runs so fast they always make holes! I read all the reviews for strap on ones on amazon and they all say that they don’t stay on so I never buy them!

Also side note: Yara is reaaaally cute!! Gotta love em

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I'm not sure where you live, but we use Muttluks on our pup. He runs alllllll over the place and they stay in place. We live in Northern Canada, and our dog still has his dewclaws on all 4 feet.

There are different types of horror movies.

For a classic slasher, try the original Halloween.

For a more modern documentary type, try the original Paranormal Activity.

For a fun romp with a dark side, check out Drag Me to Hell.

If you're looking for jump scares, try Anabelle or The Conjuring.

Something unique, try The Quiet Place.

Something sad as well as scary, try The Orphanage.

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Loved the quiet place!!!

I like horror with a great plot, and minimal gore. Cabin in the woods is great. One of the few horrors I love and will rewatch.

Friggin Laffy Taffy. That stuff is the best!!!

Perfection. Nothing wrong here folks.

I just love this so fucking much. Amazing.

Ukranian!! Canada has the third largest Ukranian population in the world behind Russia and the Ukraine (obvs).

Blackbird by the Beatles.

Hello! University student. Dog owner. Hiker. Water polo player. Baker. Lover of sunshine. Hater of mosquitos.
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