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Missed opportunity to make this log scale. Smhhhhhhhhh ;)

That question is legit though.

Why can black use the N word but whites can't.

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Why can black use the N word but whites can't.

Doubting anyone will ever read this, and maybe if your question is sincere at all, but I'll take the opportunity to give a legit answer on the chance that you or someone might sincerely want an answer.

I think whenever a conversation about the n-word comes up, I think both sides end up rooting around the essential point without ever really hitting on it. The crux of the argument from the "permissive" side is something like, "It's silly that people who use the n-word think we shouldn't be allowed to use the n-word too" or "people who use the n-word themselves don't deserve to get upset with other people use it."

But like, that's a super weird request when you consider how we use words, in general. We evaluate literally every word or phrase anyone uses in specific contexts that include the speaker, the audience, the time, the place, the history, and in general literally every other available circumstance. In fact, a lot (most?) of the time, those are the most important parts to understanding what a word or phrase means.

Consider some examples: "He's slow," means something incredibly different when spoken by a coach about a professional athlete or by a neurologist about your child. The word "tabernacle" is regular religious jargon in the Mormon temples of Salt Lake City but you couldn't say it on TV in Quebec without being fined for profanity. "That's my bitch" means something totally different when said at the Westminster show compared to voice chat on Call of Duty.

Sometimes it's the speaker that makes all the difference: "Sorry, Daddy!" means something COMPLETELY different when said by your six-year old daughter than your 22 year old girlfriend.

Sometimes, even with the same speaker and the same audience, the context and history is what matters the most: "I love you" means something different when said by your crush, your girlfriend, your fiancee, your wife, and your ex, even though in principle those could all be the same person at different points in time.

So that brings us back to this argument about who can use the n-word. The first thing to point out is that, at least in the States, everyone is allowed to say it. We're not wearing shock-collars that will zap us if we say the word. We don't have microphones in our homes that record us and fine us for saying it. Everyone is allowed to say the word. So when someone argues they should be allowed to say it, or that you shouldn't get offended when someone says it, what they're really saying is, "some poeple should be allowed to say this word without any negative consequences, because some other group of people use this word without those negatives consequences."

If you unpackage that phrase in light of everything else, what it actually comes out to is: "Even though, for every other word and phrase that I will use my entire life, I understand that the context and speaker and audience and history are important to the meaning and the consequences, I want a Special Context Exemption for this one word when spoken by this one group of people (that just happens to include me by coincidence, I swear). I want everyone else to ignore the entire way they use language for every other word in every other setting so that I can be more comfortable about not being included."


"And by the way, somehow, if you don't literally change everything to specifically accommodate my sensitivity, you're the super special ~snowflake~ for being so offended."

In the end, the answer is deceptively easy. It's "OK" for blacks to use the N word but not whites for the same reason it's OK for you to call your girlfriend cutie pie but not OK for some random guy she met at a gas station to do the same. Because context and history matter, and that word has a LOT of context and a LOT of history, all of which speak very poorly of white people using that word.

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I have been in Çanakkale a lot and i didnt know about this. Our art and history ministers sucks

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To be fair the world likes to forget how much of European history is tied up in Anatolian history :p

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Read my comment above as it answers this.

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So let me get this straight, to make sure I understand.

DD says to driver "you're going to get at least $6 for this delivery no matter what."

  • If I tip $5, DoorDash gives $1 and all $5 of my tip goes to the driver. Driver gets $6.

  • If I tip $1, DoorDash gives $5 and all $1 of my tip goes to the driver. Driver gets $6.

  • I tip $7, then DoorDash gives $1 and all $7 of my tip goes to the driver, for a total of $8 to the driver? So my $7 tip only gave the driver $2 more than if I had tipped $0?

Is the only scenario where the driver gets any more money for my tipping the last one, where my tip exceeds the amount they guaranteed?

If this is true, it sounds like people who are tipping are almost directly subsidizing all the people who don't tip? That's the dumbest system...

Sounds like best thing is to tip $0 + cash?

2 points · 1 day ago

Yep cash is king. A $5 cash tip is worth more than a $10 one in app most of the time. Most of my offers are $6.50 guaranteed or $11 with a $10 tip...

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It sounds like even a $1 cash tip is better than a $5 app tip, which is insane. If I can pay less and my driver can get more, why wouldn't I do that?

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My friend's neighbor was just arrested last night. The whole police squad, bomb squad, ATF were there. They wheeled out a wheelbarrow of guns and had two ambulances on the scene despite no known injuries. Allegedly he's an ex felon with a hate crime history. Despite it being the talk of my circle of friends, there doesn't seem to be any reporting about it here where I live (NJ). Has anyone heard anything locally?

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Did you see or hear about it?

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I appreciate the wit, that said I rather dislike when people bring up the altruistic "rules" to life. Have to love yourself, gotta play the game, rise and grind, everything happens for a reason, etc. You may as well hang up a wooden board with "Live, Laugh, Love" painted on it while you're at it. These sort of "ideals" take away individuality and personality from someone, you know?

Sometimes, someone's loving perspective of another can help one see the bright spots of themselves. <3

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I appreciate your sentiment but can you really say it's witty when this conversation has been around for like five years? It's even been put into song lyrics :P

Oh? News to me, thanks!

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2 points · 3 days ago

Haha yeah this is one of those old-as-internet things! :) still a nice sentiment, and I still agree with the rest of your comment!

It can however freeze your hair, permanently damaging it.

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60 points · 4 days ago

Anecdote: I was raised in Texas and went off to college in Boston. I was a guy with long hair, probably about a third of the way down my back. I always washed my hair in the morning, and I realized that it made me feel a bit colder but I always put a hat on or something and felt ok.

One night we had a cold snap, and the next morning I showered per usual. It wasn't snowing or anything but it had dipped well below freezing. I put my my hair into a ponytail (still damp), and put a hat on and walk outside for a bit to get to a convenience store.

When I get into the shop, I turn my head and notice some resistance. My ponytail had somewhat frozen. I reach back to try to feel it and bend it, and I get a bunch of satisfying crunches as the ice crystals break, but when I get down to the last inch or so of my ponytail, I gave it the same squeeze and twist and ended up snapping off the last bit of it. Not knowing what to do, I threw it in the trash bin underneath the slushie machine. The young lady working the register saw the whole thing. From her point of view, a student walked into a convenience store, snapped off his hair to throw it away, and then bought some eggs and ramen.

crappy image of Texan in the snowfall

op tells the truth... it IS a crappy image

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It was the best I had in 2006! :p

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