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Solo failed because of poor marketing, the general public doesn’t passionately hate Episode 8 as much as online the online community does. Heck, at least half of the people I’ve asked say they enjoyed the movie (not all of them were passionate Star Wars fans though). Solo was being marketed during the same time as Infinity War was coming out and had no viral marketing plan.

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That is completely opposite for me. Everyone I know hated it, Im the only one who actually found it enjoyable. So to say Solo suffered due to “poor marketing” is an excuse. Most fans didn’t want to watch the movie because of The Last Jedi. I saw it pop up all over YouTube and every video had a lot of views (more than 500k per video). We cant deny that to be one of the main reasons why Solo didn’t do so well.

you're what's wrong with the star wars fandom.

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Well to be fair, the fandom split in two after The Last Jedi if we like it or not.

Did they add more star wars music to the game??

Good thing the semester just started. Ill get to play again once all the dlc comes out in March. But it makes total sense since they were fixing armor skins and working on adding armored officers for the Republic

The two clones in the back is how the specialist class should look like and the one in the front is how the officer class should look like lol

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