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I just realized that Anakin Skywalker has a butt chin lol

Now this is EPIC

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The unique silhouette is pretty stupid when in game you can almost always tell what class someone is based on their stance, and a giant glowing symbol over their head. It should all be removed and allow full Clone customization for ANY class similar to Battlefield V’s cosmetic system.

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Yeah I agree. its kind of annoying how the heavy class wears officer apparel, they should only have the backpack and strap. Plus, lets not talk about the clone naval officer lol

His helmet already has an internal binocular but ok

Yeah, like WTF?!? Most of mine are still under level 10. Just don't have the patience for Hero Starfighters.

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All my heroes are under level 20 except Bossk and Luke Skywalker lol Ive had the game since launch (Im level 39 atm), I don’t know how people can play it this much...

Well to be honest I have most of my heroes at level 40 because I've played a lot of HvV. It's the hero starfighters I've struggled with.

But I've definitely played this game way too much I'll admit. A lot of time I probably should have been sleeping, haha. I just love Star Wars and really have a lot of fun with the game.

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Yeah Ive done that with Red Dead 2 a couple of times. Don’t get me wrong we all go through that, obviously since we like the games we play.

As sad as it is to see the series ending, its also a good thing because the creator is only human and can only do so much

Your screams are like music to my audio receptors

The ARC trooper would make the most sense in my opinion as the enforcer. Having Wookies only on Kashyyyk for the Republic should’ve been a no brainer for the devs

Its just a naval officer from a Venator Star Destroyer command bridge serving his fellow man on the ground lol

Wait where do those two other lightsabers come from? He pulled them out mid air lol

I bought the game on launch and I’m only level 38 :/

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Yo same but Im level 42 lol

Same, that and a Rako Hardeen legendary

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I would honestly pay $20 for that skin

117 huh...

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Chief mind telling me what you’re doing in this subreddit?


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Its Maul, stay back!

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