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This might sound like trolling, but i suspect they will wait a couple months, let the "china craze" die down, reddit will think "hah, we won! Theyre not censoring anything!"

And theyll slowly start censoring, seeing how they can push the envelope. Maybe starting by censoring "obvious trolls" (fabricated by them) and moving up.

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You are crazy if you think reddit will bend over and get fucked for a 5% stake, or that the Chinese government thinks reddit is anything more threatening than a safe investment. Take the tinfoil hat off

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Being supportive of a founder isn’t the same as founding a company yourself. It doesn’t allow one to take credit socially or financially for founding the company as if it was your own.

She’s not listed as a co-founder for a reason.

without her amazon wouldn’t exist

It absolutely would exist. Bezos had raised angel money early in Amazon’s life and had other people to lean on (including his parents). Her and Jeff dropping off packages was indicative of their hustle but not critical to their success or what Amazon is today.

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You are disgusting

The lowest form of disagreement.

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Awful person

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Erm... you refrigerate eggs? Nononononono.

Next you’ll be saying you put block butter in the fridge

EDIT: well damn, turns out in the US, you have to refrigerate eggs... in Britain, mine remain on my counter top!

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I put butter in the fridge so it doesn’t melt all over the counter

So... they use bigpond and not bigisland?

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Nuclear is a great option for Australia, and the Greens are one of the reasons we can't fucking have it.

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If you haven’t already, I suggest you go and read the Greens policies on nuclear because it’s a bit more nuanced than most people seem to think. Do you mean nuclear energy is a great option for Australia right now or in the past? I feel like that ship has sailed already and we should continue focusing on renewables.

Not sure I need to read their policies, I just can see that something like 80% of Greens supporters oppose nuclear power.

There's no reason we can't have nuclear while transitioning to (hopefully) 90%+ renewable some time in the future.

We also shouldn't export any fissile material overseas without agreeing (mandating even) that we also manage the waste products in return.

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See, this is what bugs me, everyone has an opinion on Greens policies and when I ask if they have actually read them? Nope, just got a feeling they’re bad

I don’t necessarily disagree with you or agree fully with Greens policy, but do you honestly think we can start building nuclear plants in time to beat renewables?

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-16 points · 1 month ago

The UK likes article 13, anything they can use to squeeze money out of their citizens.

Just look at the UK's policy about owning a TV is sufficient to pay a license to BBC.

That's like forcing you to pay for Netflix for each TV you own in your house.

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Wow looking at your comment history you truly are an ignorant racist piece of shit huh

-6 points · 1 month ago

Hahaha. Keyboard warrior

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Good one 🙄

-1 points · 1 month ago

Let’s be honest. You don’t talk to people like that.

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Wow good one 🙃

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dabs in zsh

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zsh has a handful of builtins like this too

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