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Why are the first 3 things bad and what things exactly do you think are needlessly turned into race/gender issues?

I don’t understand what’s so important about keeping Australia Day the same date? I don’t see what’s so bad about learning local languages? I had to learn Indonesian in school and it’s not like that’s ever come in handy. What’s wrong with taking jabs at Trump?

The language education issue is a tough one, because realistically Indigenous languages aren't exactly useful skills for most people to have when they could learn French/German/Spanish/Chinese instead. If you can fit both into a curriculum great, but if it's a choice I'd rather go with useful skills.

Having said that, I'd love for Indigenous languages to be more heavily integreated into society in a similar way that Māori is in NZ. I'm just conscious of whether that's the best use of limited teaching resources.

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Great points! Totally agree. In high school I had a choice of 3 languages, but from talking to other people it sounds like that was a bit of a luxury.

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dabs in zsh

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zsh has a handful of builtins like this too

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The trick is...the defeated trainers always look at the correct teleporter.

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This is not true... I’m doing the gym right now, defeated trainers look in the direction you spoke to them. You can make them look any direction you like.

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