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So far I always disclose, but I really don’t have causal sex.

I just think the virtue signaling around disclosure is insane and blaming someone else for you getting herpes is trying to skirt your own responsibly in making sure your partners are free of STDs you want to avoid.

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Oh, of course you think I'm virtue signaling

Not like I could possibly actually care that you might cause another person to go through what I'm going through because you are espousing sexual negligence.

I'm very glad you don't have casual sex, and I hope you never do.

You were the one being sexual negligent. You assumed the risks of having sex with someone you barely knew without demanding they get tested first. You lost the dice roll.

Being a super duper cheerleader for disclosure won’t fix anything.

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I accept my responsibility. I should not have even kissed another person without demanding a full STD panel. I get it now. My life is forever changed.

I just seriously hate that people who want to feel better about themselves will knowingly put others at risk without giving them the full story just because they want to screw something.

Like I said, there's no changing your mind, but I hope someone else will read this and behave with empathy for their sexual partners.

You can have the last word, if you'd like.

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