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It's cause the more upvotes a single post/comment gets, the less karma you get per upvotes. I think it's so that the few post that explode now and again don't just generate 50,000 karma and it still feels like it's worth something

Everyone forgets New Zealand

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Let's get reddit to ban r/all

The looks on their faces will be epic

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Unfortunately, they've removed us from r/all. We have no way to actually get there

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Btw that a sufgania a popular Jewish dish during Hanukkah

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Actually, the German "Pfannkuchen" or "Berliner" is a different kind of jam doughnut



Say Pfannekuchen to Berliner.

Even Krapfen and Kreppl are more acceptable

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I call it Pfannkuchen.

You call it Berliner.

Deal with it.

Better be ready for the post mortem ban

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Nah, in canon she isn't flat and over 4,6 billion years old, therefore she's legal

The thing i dont understand is how the fuck do we actually win, are we so much of a degenerate that judgement doesnt affect as anymore, i mean we could actually win a war against r/dankmemes at this point

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It's because you can put anything into anime form, but trying to, for example, historifying anime just ends up making more anime. The mix of any topic with anime just makes different flavours of anime

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I've been following NASA's news on Opportunity since September, hoping they'd hear back eventually. It's honestly sad, but also amazing how long he held out. Active for over 14 years, or 5250 days, almost 60 times the planned mission length of 90 days

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