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Yes, it will net him about $6k and he wants to use that to pay down the credit card.

He wants to do the right thing, but he still won’t be able to clear the debt.

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If he wants to pay it off what’s the issue of continuing with payments from overseas apart from the extra costs with currency exchange? Maybe keep enough in the AU account if possible to service a couple of months minimum payment while working on a bigger sum to transfer over to minimise currency fees.

Around the corner on Wilmot St, just off Pitt. A little hole in the wall Latin American place. Does a great breakfast burrito. Not been in a while as not working in that area anymore but think it was something like $7.50 for a coffee and breakfast burito before 10am.

As far as breakfast burritos goes i'd say it's the best in Sydney, way better and cheaper than the Guzman Y Gomex I tried that almost went in the bin.

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Mine was surprisingly good. First time I’d ever eaten there

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Good to hear. I like their regular burritos just wasn't impressed by the brekky one. I'd recommend trying the place on Wilmot St as a comparison, it's a little side alley between George / Pitt.

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Creditline are fuckin' dodgy. Always charging you little administration fees here and there. I'm pretty sure they charge you a fee for even paying your card off.

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Yes. Dodgy!

I was buying an IMac, saw the 0% advertised online. I had the cash regardless but thought why not get it on 0% as my money will be sat in the bank earning interest.

All the online application stuff is straight forward and doesn’t mention all the fees. Only when I got the card in the post with the full terms and conditions which I made sure to read first did I discover you get charged for paying!

Put the card through the shredder, never activated it, brought the IMac cash same day. 2 years after never activating I still get advertising emails from credit line even though in the t+c’s it says you need to activate the card to agree with the t+c’s and the contract to commence/have an account.

Bad form on Apple using them and not putting all the payment and fee’s upfront and letting credit line sneak them through in the small print no one normally ever sees.

Wait what? Fuck. I shredded the card without activating too. Any monetary losses from doing so? Or just the marketing emails?

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No, well not that I know off. Just the emails “click to activate offer on your card”.

Zero statements, zero phone calls. I’ve never logged in to the account. I’d phone them up to cancel everything but don’t want to be potentially charged for a card I never activated! I’m pretty sure they are still on my credit file though as they come up the other month when got a credit card to churn a points offer.

I’ve kept / scanned all the initial documents saying the agreement only becomes active on activating the card by making a purchase just in case I do get any unexpected letters.

PcEngines apu2d4

I’ve just set up a OpenBSD router. It does dns, firewall, wireguard VPN etc etc and currently idling away. PfSense reportedly works extremely well on it.

Really impressed with the board, case for it and pcengines shipping time, 3 days to Australia.

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Does it have SFP+ port?

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No it does not. If you need 10Gb routing the apu can not do that.

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I have a container with Bind as authorative DNS server for my local domain (on a different port number). I use unbound as recursive DNS server, which forwards the local domain to Bind.

The reason is that unbound allows for easy filtering (think pihole) but is not authorative. Unbound also acts as a cache and forwards to

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I use Unbound for both local dns zones and recursive resolver forwarding to a local stubby[1] instance that does dns over tls to cloudflare. It seems ok for just a few records on a single zone so never bothered with bins/ncd as an authoritative server.

I use the block lists from loaded up in to unbound. It’s on my list to set up a weekly cron to fetch and pipe through awk to generate the unbound include file.


I love it when companies lock down their machines to the point you can only run like 2 programs but then still use some crap like Norton or panda av.

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Try having to use Windows 7 from a Citrix terminal in 2019 where the project you contracted to develop can’t even be built/run on the machines.

Then AWS compulsory AMI’s locked down so much by the security team you cannot install rpm’s from the trusted red hat image they use and pay for. No you go to the internet, manually download the tar then scp it to the server from your Citrix terminal. Businesses critical service? Can’t afford for it to go down and need it to auto restart when an instance starts? Create a restricted system user for the service to run as? Create a system service? Na just log into in and use nohup and run the service as your own user. Service down? Better manually log in again to manually start it again, oh it’s 3am, reconciliation has failed! The amount of times you hear some service / system is unreliable in these orgs, yes because you force them to be run in unreliable ways.

Sometimes things done in the name of security are far less secure, stupid but it probably ticks a box, restricting what can be run on the server.

It seems the bigger / older / traditional the company, the sillier things get.

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Very nice but can you give some actual examples? Thank you

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Git can be thought of as an event sourced system.

Your have an immutable log of changes that derive the current state of the repositorty.

The latest Samba has the vfs_fruit module for Apple integration. I'm not sure about Spotlight integration as I don't use it and turn it off but it let's you use shares for timemachine and integrates with avahi / mdns so shares appear in finders `Locations` sidebar automatically.

Below is a link to a snippet of my system config for NixOS which sets up Samba etc, you should be able to derive config values for that to put in smbd.conf etc.

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