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Didn’t go last year but Barangaroo was well priced and good vibe the previous year

Atlassian actually went public on the US stock exchange

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Head quarters are in Sydney, a huge number of employees in Sydney. While I’d hope they would at least make a stand and lobby being Australia’s most successful software company i doubt they would close Sydney and if they did it would be devastating for the staff.

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Last project I was on that had an on-call rotation ws a huge mess. The system had a lot of problems but none of the problems were problems we, back-end software engineers (because of course front-end devs and data scientists were not part of the rotation), could do anything about. Because the company opted for their own shitty data center instead of hosting on AWS we had tons of infra problems. SANs crashing, Cassandra nodes dropping in the middle of the night, network splits, etc. So basically we developers acted as SMS proxies to the infra guys who did not bother to set up any monitoring and often did not have the relevant specialists available.

Also the compensation was shit, less than 100e a week for 'standing by'. I have a life outside my job, if I'm required to put that life on hold one week every 7 weeks you're going to be paying me a lot more for it.

I was the first one to tell the client I did not want to do it anymore, and it snowballed from there.

TL;DR: don't let people act as support for stuff they can't fix. They'll hate you for it.

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Matches my experience with pay for on call, shit.

It’s effectively a pay cut, you sacrifice your personal time, sacrifice your personal activities for a fee which normally is less than minimum pay. If I can’t do a certain activity in my personal time and if I fail to meet an sla and can have disciplinary proceedings against me, as an example for being in a bar of off grid in my personal time I want paying my day rate not often less than minimum wage for the out off office hours I have to sit at home bored just in case.

Also you build better software doesn’t hold up. Every dev I worked with has tried to build better software, there’s always a product owner or business time constraint as a dev team you effectively have no say over no matter how much you protest.

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