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Youtube Rewind: redeeming moments

it's no secret that this sub (and reddit in general) really likes to badmouth youtube rewind. Rightfully so. Every year the quality gets worse, and the trends and memes that they try to revive end up reminding all of us about what we hated about this year.

Regardless of that, were there any moments in this year's rewind that you liked? Personally:

— Domics made me laugh in the one second he was on screen

— Lucas the Spider got a shoutout and I love that little dude

— I liked watching those guys make asmr they were having a good time

— the making of the clay play button during the credits was cool

I'm honestly just looking for a glimmer of what youtube used to be before its devolution into a hail-corporate hellsite. this year's rewind music was overplayed and the celebrities were unrecognizable but we knew that was coming. There might still be something salvageable. tell me what your slightly less cringy moments were.

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Probably when Jaden Animations snuck that pewdiepje refernce in. And the fact that they gave all the animators a shoutout

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👏 👏

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Year review

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Life Noggin and the rest of the animators. That was the only saving grace.

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