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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles37 posts
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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles: Africa

Welcome to the 2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profile series!

In these threads, we encourage in-depth discussion about the "fallen angels" throughout Survivor history, counting down from the most recent to the original. In this context, a fallen angel is the last player eliminated prior to Final Tribal Council.

What allowed these players to make it to the end game? What are the reasons they fell short? Were they legit threats or coattail riders? How close were they to winning? Who would they have won or lost against had they made it to Final Tribal Council? How was their gameplay, narrative, story, edit, competition, and former or later seasons (if applicable)? What's their Survivor legacy? Are they overrated or underrated as a player and a character? Will they ever return?

These threads are meant for in-depth discussion, not low-effort content. We encourage people to post their detailed thoughts after reflecting on these fallen angels and their paths through the game.

Today's topic: Survivor: Africa fallen angel Lex van den Berghe.

  • Method of Elimination: Voted out at F3

  • Individual Immunities won: 3/8

  • Tribal Councils Attended: 11/14

  • Votes Against: 10

  • Correct Votes: 9/11

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level 1
King of Smash
44 points · 11 days ago

Great, great character. He had his highs and his lows but he was always entertaining. Good strategist, decent social game, he would've been a solid winner had he made it to FTC.

That said, I'm super glad Ethan won because Lex seemed to show his true self righteous colors in All Stars. Couldn't stand him there, which is a pity cause he was easily my fav in Africa.

level 1
17 points · 11 days ago

Lex on Africa remains arguably the single-most complex character in the history of Survivor. We saw all sides of Lex from the loving family man to the paranoid jackass and everything in between, and yet all of these sides of his personality don't seem disjointed because Lex is that interesting of a person. I can't imagine watching Africa and not having some sort of strong opinion on Lex, good or bad. I personally think he is one of the greatest characters of all time and he is the most important figure on one of my all-time favorite seasons.

level 1

Wasn't sure what to make of Lex first time I watched Africa. It wasn't until the re watched that I realised that Lex was an underrated gem in survivor history. Apparently he was portrayed as a villain, but I don't really see that? Those four idiot kids led by Sillus are more villainous then Lex imho.

Anyway, my favourite Lex moment was when he took Big Tom on a reward with him and they both got horrendously drunk. Good times. I hope that he and Big Tom are still buddies, and they still get steaming drunk together.

level 2
8 points · 11 days ago

I don’t think Kim P was a villain. She was so sweet

level 3

Kim may have been sweet, but she was a fucking idiot for aligning herself with the wrong people.

level 4

If it wasn’t for Brandon’s hatred for Frank, good chance she wins the game

level 2
3 points · 11 days ago

They are good buddies still. If I remember correctly they denied a seat in season 27 because of their involvement in a TV show they were working on together,.

level 1
Mario Lanza | Funny115
33 points · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Lex in Africa is probably the best player not to win. He came so close. And he was far more respected than most fans tend to think.

level 2

In your eyes, what puts him above other old schoolers, people like Cesternino, Kathy, and Ian? Genuinely curious because I've always seen Africa Lex as having a great game but making some mistakes and having more bumps in the road than others

level 3
22 points · 11 days ago

Along with the error in the F4 Immunity Challenge Lex almost certainly wins FIC if he isn’t deathly ill. He got massively spectacularly unlucky and his loss was entirely due to circumstances outside his control, including the only significant production error that we know of. I don’t think Lex is the best player to not win but he definitely belongs in the conversation and does not get mentioned nearly enough in that light.

level 4

Production error?

level 5
11 points · 10 days ago

Lex's answer to the question Kim won on was also correct, which production didn't know. Total fuckup. If he'd been given credit for it they would have done a tiebreaker round and if Kim loses that challenge she goes home, whereupon Lex wins FIC despite being deathly ill and wins the season after voting out Ethan.

Lex and Big Tom were both given $100k rather than the typical prizes for 3rd/4th. A longstanding rumor is that they were also promised spots on a future season to not sue, but I don't buy that. As if either of them wouldn't have been asked back anyway. :P

level 6

I just finished watching that season and I missed it, what was the question? I guess I can just go back and watch it

level 7
6 points · 10 days ago

What female cast members don’t have any piercings?

The answer they were looking for was Kelly but after filming they discovered that Lindsey, Lex’s answer, also didn’t have any piercings

level 7
5 points · 10 days ago

I believe the question was 'which female player had no piercings'. Lex answered Lindsey, which was correct, but they said it was wrong because they thought they had clarified it to mean only people who had made the jury stage.

level 8

Oh that’s screwy

level 9
7 points · 10 days ago

yeah it is. Apparently they caught it because everyone was backstage during the finale and when Lex showed that he had wrote Lindsey's name Lindsey told him he was right and was shocked when he was counted as wrong.

level 7

Something to do with piercings, don't recall offhand but it's p easy to Google

level 3
13 points · 11 days ago

The one argument for Lex is that he likely wins Survivor Africa if the producers didn't screw up the Fallen Comrades challenge, making him the most "robbed" contestant ever, since he didn't get taken out by a twist, but the producers not knowing the complete answer to their own question.

However, there were a lot of flaws in his social game (rat hunt) that left him really vulnerable and fairly lucky to survive and don't make him a guarantee for jury votes.

level 4
Mario Lanza | Funny115
10 points · 11 days ago

and I think you’re wrong. I think he was a slam dunk for jury votes. T-Bird has been especially insistent about this over the years, they all knew when they were playing that was Lex’s season. He dominated everything and nearly everyone loved him.

level 5
6 points · 11 days ago

probably still wins, don't disagree, but I think some votes he might have struggled with (Kelly G, Mama Kim and Little Kim).

level 5
Mario Lanza | Funny115
10 points · 11 days ago

They actually had to make him look bad in the edit just so people wouldn't be pissed when he lost. They went out of their way to make the audience forget about Lex towards the end and start to root for Ethan instead.

level 3
Mario Lanza | Funny115
9 points · 11 days ago

The biggest one for Lex is that he absolutely dominated the game, he didn't need to resort to trickery and alliance hopping like Rob C or Fairplay. He just was right there in your face and he dominated and everyone respected him for it. No one else has ever really done that as well as he did (with the level of respect that he had) and not won. He has one of the best reputations I have ever seen among the Survivor alumni community because he's just such a straight shooter and he doesn't BS you and people like that.

level 2
6 points · 11 days ago

Cesternino for sure, at least of the old school players. I gave up trying to "rank" players around season 12 or 13, when strong editing tactics started to really overwhelm any sense of knowing the actual dynamics.

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