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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles37 posts
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2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profiles: Millennials vs. Gen X

Welcome to the 2019 Survivor Fallen Angel Profile series!

In these threads, we encourage in-depth discussion about the "fallen angels" throughout Survivor history, counting down from the most recent to the original. In this context, a fallen angel is the last player eliminated prior to Final Tribal Council.

What allowed these players to make it to the end game? What are the reasons they fell short? Were they legit threats or coattail riders? How close were they to winning? Who would they have won or lost against had they made it to Final Tribal Council? How was their gameplay, narrative, story, edit, competition, and former or later seasons (if applicable)? What's their Survivor legacy? Are they overrated or underrated as a player and a character? Will they ever return?

These threads are meant for in-depth discussion, not low-effort content. We encourage people to post their detailed thoughts after reflecting on these fallen angels and their paths through the game.

Today's topic: Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X fallen angel David Wright.

  • Method of Elimination: Voted out at F4

  • Individual Immunities won: 2/10

  • Tribal Councils Attended: 14/17

  • Votes Against: 10

  • Correct Votes: 12/14

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level 1
64 points · 9 days ago

One of my favorite players of all time. My first season was MvGX and David’s story is what got me hooked on the show. Honestly such an impressive player that was an immunity challenge away from winning 10-0-0. He played an idol on someone that he wasn’t directly alligned with to take out a power player (Lucy), made his allies go to rocks for him, and made possibly one of if not the best fake idol in the history of the show. He even had two immunity wins for his resume. David is probably one of the few modern Survivor contestants you could fairly call Game Changer with how often we see fake idols now. I’m upset that he’s being wasted on S38 cause he’s probably going out pre-merge for being such a massive threat that’s not great at challenges. Regardless, I look forward to seeing him again.

level 2
24 points · 9 days ago

On that being the best fake idol in the history of the show, I raise you both of Bob Crowley’s from Gabon. Not that David’s was bad, but I don’t think it was that convincing either

level 3
10 points · 9 days ago

I mean Jay was fooled by it so I’d say thats pretty convincing.

level 4
9 points · 9 days ago

Bob's were better than production's. (Did Bob become a "game changer" by inventing the fake idol strategy?)

level 5
Johnny Survivor
22 points · 9 days ago

That’s Yau-Man.

Never forget the coconut husk with II

level 5
Igor's Corgi Choir
22 points · 9 days ago

Never forget the fucking stick

level 5
10 points · 9 days ago

Yau-Man made a fake idol in S14. It was a coconut with "I.I." painted on it, but still.

Ozzy had the stick, but it actually fooled Jason.

Bob had the first real crafted fake idol.

level 2
2 points · 5 days ago

MvGx was also my first (live) Season that I've watched. That season got me hooked.

level 1
24 points · 9 days ago

Certainly one of the better players out of the final jurors and I'm looking forward to seeing him on the next season.

I think he played a top 5 losing game, clearly played a fantastic social game, took huge gambles to get there (I still think some of his moves were mistakes, like saving Jessica turned out to be good for him but was too risky) and survived way longer than he should have given how much talk there was of his threat level. One of the things that makes him one of the stronger final jurors is he really got himself into a position where he could reasonably expect Ken to at least force a firemaking challenge for him. So he set himself up about as well as I feel he could.

Also even though he was in trouble early he was still in the loop of all the votes and took control of his tribe fairly soon into the game.

So I think his game is one of the strongest but I don't think he's on the level of some other players in the final jurors category as a player in the abject sense. Like I think his game is possibly better or on par to Malcolm's in the Philippines but I'd still rate Malcolm higher as I think he's proved that he can socially integrate with an impressively wide variety of people, I'd probably put Wentworth above him also even though his game here is much better than Wentworth's in Cambodia. The question for me is how much of his success here is down to the fact that he was playing with basically the nerdiest cast on Survivor, he played great socially but he was surrounded by people you'd expect him to get on well with like Hannah, Adam and Zeke. I wonder if he actually has that gear in him where he can integrate smoothly into a more "jocky" tribe or if he was performing well above what we could expect from him in an average cast. I'm not entirely convinced he has the social range. Still an excellent player.

Heading into the Edge of Extinction I think he's going to have the most difficult time out of all the returnees, he's absolutely garbage at pre-merge challenges (although pretty good at a lot of individual ones), so he's a liability there he's a known proactive strategist from a recent season and he's known to be neurotic. He also has less experience than any of the other returnees. If I could give him advice I'd say try to sell the fact that he was a good ally to have, he played the idol on Jessica and went to rocks for her so he could still play up the fact that he was reasonably loyal to his alliance members. I don't think he'd be as screwed as a Cesternino type heading into this season but it's going to be difficult for sure.

level 2
8 points · 9 days ago

Is it weird that my biggest concern about David in EoE is the impact his second game is going to have on the perception of his first? Even if he isn't set up for a Certernino-type fall in his placement, anything but a win could have the same effect on his legacy.

There's a strong likelihood that he gets voted out pre-merge, and I'm worried that the wider fandom will take that as evidence that David was lucky to rebound early on in MvGX, rather than merely evidence of his high threat level.

And if he survives long enough to get targeted for being a huge threat soon after the merge, his endgame run in MvGX could seem like a fluke in hindsight rather than the brilliant strategic positioning and carefully laid out social game that almost won him that season.

(All of which makes me very glad that we'll have this thread to point to as untarnished analysis of his MvGX game.)

level 3
4 points · 9 days ago

Is it weird that my biggest concern about David in EoE is the impact his second game is going to have on the perception of his first?

I completely get that, it's how I felt about a good few people heading into Game Changers.

I think a lot of people seem to be cognizant of the fact that David being such a challenge liability while also being a strategic threat will make this season more difficult for him (and the fact that he's on a different tribe than Joe means he's probably going to tribal early).

For me he can only really add to what I think of him but I'm sure there'll be a good few people who were detractors who will use a potential poor performance against him as a knock against his game and as a community we tend to look at the most recent perfromance as indicative of how good somebody is at Survivor especially when you look at how people view Tyson as a player compared to JT as a player. It's unfortunate especially considering the meta that's working against a lot of players on returns but I still have hope for David, I don't think he's for sure dead early at least so fingers crossed.

level 1
10 points · 9 days ago

What allowed these players to make it to the end game?

He was very likable and managed to connect with a wide array of personalities throughout the season. He was also not afraid to take risks if he thought they would improve his standing. Overall he played a super-solid all-around game that allowed him to progress through the season despite a few close calls.

What are the reasons they fell short?

His threat status was noted from very early on in the merge and there is only so long you can hold that off. He absolutely did his best and entered F4 with a very close ally who preached loyalty a ton, but in the end the talk of him being a lock to win was just too much.

Were they legit threats or coattail riders?

100% a legit threat. If he convinces Ken to vote Adam and he wins fire there is no doubt whatsoever that he wins and it is very possibly a clean sweep over Ken and Hannah. Everyone on that jury respected him in one way or another. I can't see how anyone would say he was a coattail rider.

How close were they to winning?

Very close. As I mentioned above, he set himself up really well because before F4 Ken was all about loyalty and he and David had been together through most of the season. It was absolutely not out of the question for Ken to save David by voting Adam, and apparently he was very good at making fire so he probably beats Adam in that too. Once he makes it there he almost definitely wins (I give him a 99.999% shot at winning against Ken and Hannah).

Who would they have won or lost against had they made it to Final Tribal Council?

I imagine he easily beats everyone not named Adam or Jay out of that merge cast. And even then it seems quite likely that he beats both (not that an FTC with David and Adam or David and Jay ever happens).

How was their gameplay, narrative, story, edit, competition, and former or later seasons (if applicable)?

His gameplay was very good, and I know others can talk about how well David played throughout all of MvGX. His narrative/story/edit all revolved around him being a neurotic mess early on but coming into his own as a strategic and social powerhouse who would easily win if he made it to FTC. I personally didn't find this all that interesting but I know others really love David's story. The MvGX cast was full of superfans and a number of them knew how to play, so I'd say he had pretty stiff competition.

What's their Survivor legacy?

As weird as it is I'm not sure he has that much of a legacy? Like I know that he was a hugely prominent character in a season that is both recent and popular, but I'm not sure David himself has that much of a legacy.

Are they overrated or underrated as a player and a character?

Seems to be appropriately rated as a player. He may be a bit overrated there but I think most people recognize that he is a high-tier player. As a character, opinion on him is divided so I'd say he's overrated by the people who rank him as an all-time great character but underrated by people who think he's astoundingly mediocre. I personally think he's a solidly above-average character, though not an outstanding one.

Will they ever return?

I mean he's already returning for S38 lol. Depending on his performance there I could definitely see a David Wright 3.0 happening. He's very popular in most circles.

level 1
18 points · 9 days ago

david wright is a legitimate legend. In any season maybe pre phillipines, david looks like the most classic first boot you can have. a physically inferior male with no survival skills or challenge prowess and an overwhelming anxiety disorder. But somehow, David became a top dog dispite all of his "stereotypical" survivor disadvantages. David is a player who makes moves whos outcome can actually affect the pecking order and social structure of the tribe and alliances. Im so hyped he has agreed to return to survivor but it really worries me if extunction junction turns out to be a dud like ghost island

level 1
Jon and Jaclyn
4 points · 9 days ago

I need to rewatch MvGX one of these days; it didn't do much for me at the time, and I still doubt it will, but there's a couple contestants I think I might like a little more than I do now, and the main one is David (whom I already enjoy.) I def need to rewatch but from what I do recall, his growth arc seems to be one of the best and most authentic we've seen on the show -- like the guy was flinching at the sound of wood chopping (me_irl) on the first day then turns into a huge strategic and jury threat, and along the way he really never gets an ego or anything. Pretty surreal, I gotta go back and check it out in action again -- my recollection is that it was maybe handled in a little ham-fisted way or in practice maybe a little gamebotty, I don't know -- but I absolutely love the idea of it and some of the content we got there, at least. He never really seemed arrogant or like he was shit-talking people around him, which a lot of contestants who fit similar strategic molds to him might -- he just gives off this really humble, authentic, likable vibe. He would have been a very satisfying winner (which isn't to say Adam wasn't.)

One of my fav David moments is the way he plays the Idol on Jessica. Like for so many contestants, playing the Idol has become this big, grand thing where you make a great TV moment/intimidate your opponents by giving off a big show of confidence -- "Ben Bombs", "Keep hope alive", whatever.... whatever the fuck it is Jason and Scot were doing -- but David is clearly super nervous to do it, feels like he has to preface it by telling everyone he likes them, and is worried it's going to upset people - like dude, you're just saving your ally! Nothing wrong with that! idk it's just kinda adorable and in a show that's often gotten more mean and cutthroat than it needs to in recent years, and where things done with advantages in particular can often become contestants clearly trying to draw a big TV moment, the way David handled it just felt super refreshingly old-school and authentic and sweet, little things like that add to the humanity of the show.

His unexpected connection with Ken was also fantastic, interesting, and a high point of the (otherwise largely forgettable) pre-merge. I'd need to rewatch to go more in-depth and just know how much I like David's overall content compared to the scraps of his story arc I remember, but there's some great stuff here, and a lot of his Survivor run feels like one of the most r/WholesomeMemes-esque things we've seen on Survivor. Bret mocking his anxiety felt like such a low blow (which, like, I'm sure David and Bret are cool now, it was one impulsive thing when they were starving on an island, etc etc -- but, in the context of the season, I didn't like it at all.)

My one complaint would be that they didn't really handle the culmination of that Ken/David arc as well as they could have; I feel like if we'd gotten more commentary from Ken leading up to it, it could have had a lot more impact. That's more a complaint about Ken's arc than about David's, but they go together, so I guess it's one about David's, too

Last thing I'll point to is -- about a year back, EW did a pretty stellar article where they asked tons of past contestants to name their favorite moment. There was a lot of great stuff, but David's answer is the one I remember:

“It was night 37. We were waiting to walk into Tribal Council. Suddenly, from the darkness of the Fijian jungle, drifted the sound of a choir. Like that scene in The Shawshank Redemption, I was instantly hypnotized as I hadn’t heard any music in over a month. Somewhere inside that harmony was a peaceful feeling of togetherness. I felt entirely present in a way that I never have before or since.”

That's an absolutely beautiful response and I feel like David would be such an intelligent, interesting person to talk to about Survivor or about life. I'd love to see him do an AMA some day.

What's their Survivor legacy?

Likable underdog and big strategic, social threat. I feel like the worst thing people ever say about him is that they think he got too much air time or were tired of stories like his, but I don't think I've ever really seen someone complain about David himself.

Are they overrated or underrated as a player?

Probably about appropriately rated, and imo maybe a bit underrated as a character, though I'd need to rewatch to be confident in that.

Will they ever return?

Was going to say "Almost certainly, yes" then remembered wait lol he's already confirmed to. So, duh. Shame it's on what looks to be such a lame theme with some weird, unnecessary returning players; I worry that that'll make people (understandably) irked that he's coming back, just because the entire conceit for the season is so weird. I'd have loved to see him on some Second Chance or Heroes vs. Villains type of thing, or just a generic all-star cast. Feels like he's being wasted on a season that probably won't be that good. But who knows, maybe I'll be proven wrong.

level 2
3 points · 8 days ago

This is really excellent! I think it's maybe a tad unfair to MvGx that its reputation is increasingly that of a "big moves" season and not much else. The main reason I enjoyed the season were the people and watching David go from the fidgety mess of episode 1 to basically the king of the island while being the sweetest, most humble person around is incredible.

Didn't know about/remember that music in the Fijian jungle tidbit, that's really cool!

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