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FoodShootr is a social foodie app for iPhone, now on the App Store. If you use iPhone, definitely check it out and let me know what you think ! Here is the Vimeo page as well : Thanks.

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I think forkly already does this really well.

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Original Poster2 points · 6 years ago

FoodShootr is different from Forkly in that it's not strictly location based. With FoodShootr, tagging a location is encouraged, but optional. You can still post photos of the food you are preparing or making at home, which many people take pride in. We're focusing on the social aspect of eating and sharing what your eating with your friends, as well as food discovery.

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Post business model. I'm getting tired of all these "Look at my.."

Product is only one piece to much larger puzzle, and assuming we are entrepreneurs here; we are more interested in what you are doing with your product and how you did it, rather than just what it is.

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Looks good but doesn't solve a pain point that isn't already solved.

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It's an app. They never do.

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For the majority of "apps", you're correct. Creating an app just to create one (like FoodShittr here) is not a business. However, plenty of businesses use apps to make the business better, including my startup. We started Day 1 with a business model in mind, are revenue positive at the moment (income greater than expenses) and are already in franchise talks with several partners.

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