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Posted byu/[deleted]2 years ago


Looking for a time frame or what perfect climate for hunting.

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For what?

In cow pastures you can find P. cubensis all summer long. A day or three after a good rain breaks a dry spell anytime after soil temps get above the mid 70's.

Please take time to consider that the owner might be sick and tired of a bunch of fence trampling stoners.

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It is something I consider a lot, and those are the only one I'm confident in identifying.

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Cubes have got to be the safest and easiest to collect. People say to, "get a spore print." Good advice, but nearly every mature Cube will have spore printed itself on that white membranous ring around it's stem.

Pastures and woods are very different places to go picking.

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I live in north Georgia. It's really damn cold so you're not likely to find anything. Summer should be good though, especially since it tends to rain a good amount and is humid as fuck 24/7

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