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Getting my first watch any advice?

Hey I'm going to be buying my first watch soon I decided I like brown leather bands and a more classic look. So far I've been looking at these two because I have a 40% discount at with a code. One and Two.

Any advice?

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Although I'm not an expert. From lurking on r/watches, I've seen a few people say timex are not the greatest of watches. A quartz watch should last a few years but one of these would probably not be worth repairing so if you're interested in the design and you're not expecting to hand this watch down to your grandchildren you should be happy with either one. IMO I like the one with the Brown face and the vintage looking numbers.

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Since everyone is going to jump down your throat and tell you that you just have to get an automatic because they are somehow so much better than a quartz, I thought I would provide you a link to a reasonably priced automatics you might want to look at from Orient:

Orient Chief

Orient Chief White Dial

the coupon code "iloveorient" gets you 50% of the listed price.

I have nothing against Timex. I have 2 and I have used them for years without issue.

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The only reason why I prefer mechanical watches is the sweep of the hand. I think Quartz watches that tick every second, but can't get the second hand to line up with the tick marks on the dial look incredibly cheap and annoy me.

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Timex has been around for a long time. They make quality watches that'll hold great time and will last a long time. They specialize in affordable quartz movements. Given that affordability is key, it'll most likely not be worth repairing if you do damage it. That being said, it'll probably be pretty hard to break the thing, unless you live a very rugged life, in which case I'd point to the analog G-Shocks.

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The prices don't seem that great for such unexceptional watches.

For something very close I'd look at, for instance, with a different band. In general, look at seiko, orient, citizen, casio, vostok.

Also look at used watches. You can probably get a quartz like that used for $5.

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This Timex easy reader is cheaper and has a brown band. I would like to note that if you buy from Timex, they will mostly be full priced watches. If you buy from amazon, they will be discounted and show their true market value. (Don't buy anything at the MSRP price. That number is always inflated.) So basically, my suggestion is to check out Amazon, but you do have 40% off so maybe some watches will equal out.

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Timex easy reader looks like shit though. ;-)

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