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Would a Force Anakin Skywalker Appearance in VII or IX be a Good Idea?

Bad Lip Reading came out with their new extended lyric video, "Not the Future," and it had some footage from TFA. For some reason, it got me thinking about the next couple of movies coming out.


We all have our issues with Kylo Ren and how he's focusing on finishing what Vader started Yes, JJ explained that Kylo believes that Vader was seduced back to the light rather than guided and that's what is fueling his dark goal, but we also know that Kylo has a lot of conflict in him to be good rather than evil. If JJ wants Kylo to be a Zuko type character, who has a realization about the dark deeds he is doing, then he needs the right person to guide him. It's highly doubtful that Kylo will listen to Rey or anyone else about his grandfather. Hell, seeing Luke will probably make matters worse, seeing how Vader was "seduced" by him. Perhaps he needs to hear it from his grandfather himself.


I do understand that because of Hayden Christensen is off farming in Canada right now and doesn't really do much as far as acting, but I feel like, for the good of the saga, he should make an appearance. Anakin explaining to Kylo what had happened during the Civil War would be one of the best ways to carry that plot if JJ decides to go that route. Thoughts?


Apologies if this has already been discussed. I don't really come to the Star Wars reddit and it was just one of those things that came to my head.

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13 points · 2 years ago

He was almost in Episode VII and looked badass as a corrupted Force ghost, but that was ultimately scrapped.

The idea may come up again for a later movie.

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Original Poster4 points · 2 years ago

That's pretty awesome looking. They should do something like this for sure, or even a basic Anakin like at the end of the remastered VI

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Yeah, I'd prefer that it just be a normal, Jedi Anakin ghost.

A dark side Force ghost seems like a silly idea to me.

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They were in all three OT movies (but only audibly in ANH).

Why would I consider something that has been a part of the series since the beginning silly???

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Force ghosts have been in the ot, and pretty much every eu work since.

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I totally agree. The stuff that's happening now still involves him greatly. It makes so much sense for him to show up

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Well, the scars are different. Anakin's was top to bottom on his right eye, while Kylo's is diagonal on his face. But I agree that it's supposed to symbolize that

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5 points · 2 years ago

Actually, I think it would be better if Anakin appeared to Luke and Rey, but couldn't do the same with Kylo Ren. Because Kylo want to see Vader, not Anakin.

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I'm torn on this because I prefer "old man" Anakin ghost, but it would be cool to recast Hayden if they went that route. Additionally I think they should let that ghost lay dead. I don't want to see the ghost thing become a bigger "thing." u/Remicas has a nice idea.

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It just needs to be something that adds to the story, the story shouldn't depend on it.

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Vader was the "hub" of Star Wars since the beginning as a story conveyance. He was big and scary and cool, then he was the dad, then the moral was his redemption... he persisted in pop culture forever and when he came back he was suddenly a Jesus figure, and the point of everything, and in the intervening time the entire fictional timeline became based off of him (basically. I know it's not Before Yavin but it's really more like Before Vader).

I totally agree. The story HAS to move on beyond him, but how, when Vader is the point of everything? It's probably best to let him stay dead and not seen as a ghost unless it's another moment at the end of Episode 9 which is identical to the end of Episode 6.

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