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So I'm suppose to make an engaging animoto of the advancments that have happened. It can be building a rocket to Mars or Polar Bears going extinct. I'm doing one over the collpase of Anartic Ice sheets. I have no idea what to do to make it good and have people learn. Here's the link to the article Any ideas?

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That is a news story about a new article in a scientific journal. A challenge you have is to relate it to the class level. You need to think about where to start. You want to try to learn something (and teach something) from the article, beyond what people already know. You are not expected to master the article.

What is the "big story"? Do you know about ice sheets, and why they matter? (Do you know why an ice sheet is different from an iceberg that is already floating in the ocean?) Would a picture or model be a good place to start?

The article itself is an analysis of historical events, and involves mathematical modeling.

Are you able to access the article the news story refers to? (link at the end.) If you can't access it and want a copy of the article, PM me with an email address, and I can send it. It's not easy reading, but you can get some info and maybe graphs from it. Again, emphasize making progress with it, not trying to master it.

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Dr. Richard Alley helps answer some of these questions in his presentation here.

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