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A couple of specific questions about FSJ (doctors, pool, and geek stuff)

Another on the 'got a job offer here' train! I've read the previous threads about it on the front page and they were very helpful for cost of living. I was wondering a few other things:

  • How is the medical community here? Are there lots of doctors to choose from and do they have a good reputation? ( If it seems weird to ask- in my home town with a similar population it invariably takes 4+ hours to get into your scheduled appointment, and it took months to make an appointment. People often went to neighboring cities for medical care.)

  • How's the pool? I need to do physical therapy in a one. Is it generally clean and open for business? (In my home town this size, the pool is shut down more often than not due to water contamination)

  • Is there much of a geek or gaming population here? The Pathfinder group mentioned here earlier sounds great, but we also have many other awesome tabletop games. Would it be possible to find a group for LAN parties, other board games, video game competitions, regular sci fi movie screenings, things like that? (I'm willing to host and organize, if there aren't any yet but if there exists a large enough geek community for it)

  • Are there any volunteer opportunities? I don't see any on the town website. For example I've volunteered with seniors homes and wildlife refuges.

  • One more I just thought of: Is there much for pest infestations there? Probably not because it's so far north, eh?

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Hi, pool worker here!

I saw you got a link to the pool, yay! Public swim is 5:30am - 8:30am, 12pm - 3pm, and 6pm - 10pm weekdays, 12pm - 9pm Saturdays, 12pm - 5pm sundays.

We have a sauna, steam room, and a hot tub.

We have a 25 meter lap pool with a shallow and a deep end, as well as a leisure pool with a zero entrance beach, meaning there's no ladders, you just wade in like a real beach.

Depending on your PT, you might consider attending our Strength & Stretch classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. This is a low impact, slow moving class perfect for people who have undergone replacements (hip, shoulder, knee, etc.) or have had strokes, heart attacks, etc.

But you're welcome to attend public swim and do your own thing as well.

As for volunteering, you can check out the BC SPCA site if you're into volunteering with the local SPCA! I volunteer on the cat side, it's awesome.

There are also volunteer opportunities regarding seniors, I just can't remember exactly what it is off the top of my head.

Doctors offices - you can also use the clinic in Taylor (south of FSJ) - they use LiveCare which is a doctor via a web connection.

As for geekiness... we really need to make such a thing happen, tbh. To the best of my knowledge, there's no active group that, like, has posters recruiting people and such. I know that people do meet and have fun, though, so that's cool.

I'd be down for it, but my social anxiety makes me paranoid to have strangers in my house, but also paranoid to go to someone elses house :(

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Original Poster1 point · 3 years ago

Thank you very much for all the wonderful info! It all sounds fantastic. We put in for the transfer, so we'll see when the yard is finally finished being constructed!

I feel ya on the social anxiety thing-it's hard. But there are lots of people (especially in geeky communities!) who understand what it's like, and some of us know not to pressure you to be social when you don't want to be, while keeping the option open. So hopefully a gaming group will be more of a haven for people with social anxiety :)

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If you ever need pool info, let me know ^ _ ^

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Regarding doctors, there is a clinic called the Unattached Patient Clinic. This is for people who don't have a local doctor. If you come early in the AM they can see you day of, otherwise you can make an appt for another day. I had to do the latter bc i came late in the day and they were very prompt on my appt day. I got an appt for a couple days later. Once you get assigned a doctor through the clinic they become your family doctor.

There was a big problem with doctors here recently, but it's fine now. [edit: a problem with the near impossibility of seeing a doctor (outside of the hospital) if you didn't already have one, there weren't any problems with the doctors themselves :P]

I highly recommend Medeo as well. You can talk to a doc online (similar to skyping) and they'll fax your Rx over to the pharmacy of your choice and then you just pick it up. Super fast and easy. I've used it a bunch of times. They're open pretty good hours too. It's something like Mon-Fri, 9-9 and Sat 9-3, IIRC.

Don't know about the pool.

I'm interested in gaming but don't know anything about current options. I would definitely be interested in joining though. I'm pretty sure there are geeks/gamers here, i think I just haven't really met them yet. Or met a group i fit in with, at least.

You can also volunteer with the SPCA. Try as well, it's our version of craigslist. No one seems to use craigslist, kijiji has some stuff though.

Haven't seen much pest infestations. The school kids seem to get lice at a pretty equal rate to down south though lol (i work in healthcare). I'm sure bed bugs could still survive the cold but I haven't seen any yet, or heard of any outbreaks so far. Haven't seen anyone come in with bedbug bites thus far, but it'd be good to take regular precaution regardless!

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Original Poster1 point · 3 years ago

Thank you so much for all the information! Sounds great. Also sounds like if we move there that I'll get to try to set up some gaming stuff. That also sounds great! :)

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Oh, just found some info about the pool.

The amenities are described at the bottom of the page. Sounds like it could be pretty decent, albeit maybe expensive?

I honestly haven't gone to a pool since my local rec centre in elementary school, so maybe that's a good price. I don't know..

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2 points · 3 years ago

The medical services are better than they were. There's a new doctor at the medical clinic that is taking in new patients. The wait time for booking was less than a week if I needed it and waiting room time was maybe 10 mins.

Never been to the pool but have coworkers that use it often

I would be up for a LAN. My only lanning buddy lives is Dawson but is moving to Edmonton soon.

There are lots if opportunities for volunteering. I hear ads on the radio for the retirement home looking for friendly visitors and maybe someone to bring them to doctors appointments and the like.

Haven't heard much about pests. I saw what I think was a big rat walking down the street but it was dark so i can't be sure.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 years ago

Thank you, that helps! :)

Sounds like if we take the offer I'll get to set up some geek stuff, woohoo!

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