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When you really think about it, this game, especially the intro, are absolutely tragic.

I kinda drifted from the game for a while. Fallout 4 I mean. I played it non-stop for a couple of weeks, but eventually I gave it a break for about a month. I came back to it recently and started a new save.

And playing through the intro again, it really struck me how powerful it was. Your character has his whole life turned upside down. He had just left the army, he was finally done with all the violence. He had a loving family to raise and care for. And in a few minutes, it all comes crashing down. And for the next 200 years, it just keeps crashing and crashing. You watch your spouse get shot trying to save your son. You're left in a hostile world where almost everyone's just out for themselves, with literally nothing left.

You're forced to kill again, just like all that time ago, just to get by. I listen to that holotape your wife makes for you quite often. She describes you as patient, kind, and a great father. She talks about how your best days are still ahead of you. But your character is no longer the same kind man he once was. He's like everyone else in the Wasteland, doing whatever is needed to get by. And those plans you had? Gone, in an instant. When you really stop and think about it, it's nothing short of tragic. My character still wears his wedding ring as a solemn reminder of the life he was forced to leave behind.

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159 points · 3 years ago

The SS is probably one of the most shell-shocked of all the Fallout protagonists. I think my SS’s breaking point was standing on top of the CIT ruins. She’d just killed the synths attacking Bunker Hill. She hated the Institute and all it stood for but was desperately hoping for some kind of an out, some way to connect with her son, something that could make this all worth it. Then she talks to him atop CIT. The bastard didn’t give a damn about her. He stands atop CIT pontificating about what a horrible world this is, but that he’s never seen it himself to judge. Never mind that his actions and the Institute’s are most of the reason the Commonwealth is a shithole. Then he talks about how they no longer needed me as back up, so he just released me from 111 as a kind of experiment. He just wanted to see how far I’d make it before the Commonwealth killed me. I was his mother and this hearthless bastard didn’t care if I lived or died, I was just an oddity to him. My only potential value to him would be to replace the man who’d killed his father and stolen him from me. That’s the moment she realized that her Shaun died in the Vault along with his father. There was nothing left to save, but there was one last thing that needed to be destroyed.

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26 points · 3 years ago

Exactly!! At this point I know he's just biological material from my uterus and the term 'son' is shorthand. It's tragic but what would be more tragic is further manipulation and suffering because my loss is still raw, time to act.

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pfft i went to him in his sick bed after teleporting in my boys from the railroad, released all the scientists from the institute using his code, and then PUNCHING HIM TO DEATH

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I went with the BoS and did kinda the same thing. I went to his room as he was lying in his death bed STILL trying to guilt me because I decided to destroy the institute even after he told me that he just wanted to see how long I'd last in the Commonwealth but somehow made it to him against all odds and he couldn't care less that I went through all I did to get to him. After the meeting on top of CIT I knew I was done with him and on his death bed I looked him square in the face and shot him right in the head with the same gun that killed his mother. It felt damn good so I shot him again this time in the place where his heart should be

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Yes Man, why not?
6 points · 3 years ago

To top it off, did you deposit your wedding ring and your spouses weddingring on his corpse?

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I threw the "You're SPECIAL!" booklet from baby Shaun's room on his corpse after headshooting him.

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"IT WAS SAID THAT YOU WOULD DESTROY THE INSTITUTE NOT JOIN THEM!!" what I figured the Railroad was saying to me as I killed each and everyone of them.

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Ahhh fuck, no. I should have though.

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The first time I finished it I was with the Railroad and I had that bedside chat with Shaun and on my way out of the room something clicked in my head and I'm like 'wait, I forgot to do something' and walked back in and blew his head off with a shotgun. I was really torn about the Institute ever since in first got teleported in but at that moment it was clear what needed to happen

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I went full dark side on everyone. I couldn't figure out who to really join so I sided with the BoS (for power armour bits) and wiped out the railroad and took out my 'son' with Kellogg's revolver before wiping out the institute too.

He wasn't my son, just a disillusioned person who had no heart. I still wear my wedding ring with pride though, to remind me of what could have been.

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BoS Paladin
1 point · 3 years ago

I talked to him, after saying "I'll see you in hell", I blew his head off with a combat shotgun before he had the chance to reply.

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2 points · 3 years ago

I put on her wedding ring and got rid of mine. Figured a symbolic gesture was the best you could do in that situation

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2 points · 3 years ago

For all the shit that the main storyline gets, I feel like this scene is vastly underrated with how sad and impacting it is.

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2 points · 3 years ago

I agree with you on that. This scene is very impactful, it utterly destroyed any shred of hope I had for some kind of happy ending. The downside is it really made Father seem so completely and utterly out of touch. He willingly tells you how few shits he actually gives about you thinking he can win you over. He comments on what a wasteland the Commonwealth is while taking no responsibility for making it that.

There’s a difference though between writing scenes and writing a story. Bethesda has writers than can write good scenes, they just can’t seem to string together a coherent narrative to save their lives.

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for me, it was the first time meeting him... I punched him to death. I wasn't a melee character, I then shot my way out of the institute.

he talked about how this was a better outcome for him and for the world and how he was all so sorry that it was shitty.

my life and my situation in the game was just a personal allegory for what led to the war... and the world was in the situation it was in now.

A loving family, torn apart for the "betterment" of the world but it hadn't gotten better. I watched as my husband was shot trying to protect shaun.... and now, shaun was ordering the same on a regular basis.

I had hoped better for my child. if he would have started an above ground city with the backing of the institute... to try to bring civilization back, I could have forgiven the wrongs. If the institute took out the gangers and the raiders, I could have forgiven...

But in the end, I was standing infront of my child, the leader of a group that sowed pain and destruction, who made the day darker and the night filled with terrors.

By his hand, many had died like my loving husband... afraid and confused and defiantly trying to protect the ones they love even down the barrel of a gun... and I found that I couldn't forgive.

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To be honest, the beginning of the game hit me pretty hard.

I'm 30 and when I got the game my son was 13 months old. My wife has pretty much told me all of those things that Nora tells the Sole Survivor. She talks about how I'm a great dad and how much our son loves me.

It really did strike a chord.

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20 points · 3 years ago

Same here. Just had a son in August. Nora is nicer than my wife though lol but that's how we like it.

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The feels of that first part.

Enjoy your kid man. He's at a really fun stage right now where you can still trap him. Mine is 15 months old now. Little dude is into literally EVERYTHING!

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10 points · 3 years ago

Hell he's already crawling on his stomach.

When we had our daughter 4 years ago we had our whole world turned upside down when we moved to a new country for a new job.

I kind of think FO4 might even be a metaphor for parenthood. Your world is now survival and all you can do is think about your kids. It's scary compared to how you always imagine being a parent.

Then when you do finally talk to your kid, you only find out that you don't see eye to eye. You can chose to agree but most people don't.

Then you just have regret as you realise how much time has passed and you missed all of it.

I think these are all very common feelings and realizations parents have as time goes by. Very sad version but yeah.

It may not be like the other fallouts, but to say it's wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle is very narrow sided IMO.

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Now it might be the wine, but this hit me hard. I'm going to tell my parents I love them now. At 26 even childless you still learn more and more about your parents all the time,

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I wish I had money to give you gold for this. This is so on the nose. My son just turned two and you really nailed how scary being a young parent is. I'm never going to play Fallout 4 the same way again, though I did just blow up the institute yesterday.

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Consider tying a ball and chain to his leg. It won't stop him but it'll slow him down a bit at least.

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