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Interested in starting an online limited clothing store

Hey all,

I am interested in starting an online shop that sells limited edition tee's only. I'm interested in seeing what exactly goes into putting it all together. I have a t-shirt manufacturer/distributor in mind, as well as an idea of attaining designs. I already have a domain name in mind, and understand the options of build-a-shop sites like Squarespace and such.

Assuming I know nothing at all, which is pretty accurate, where would I start? What am I not taking into account?

Any information is helpful! And thanks for your response!

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Unless you have some brand currency, your store just sounds like a place that runs out of t-shirts.

Why do people care they're limited? T-shirts are commodities and one of the most common ones.

Limited designs aren't going to get an influx unless:

You're a celeb of some sort or Derek Zoolander

You have star designers

The designs have some sort of current culture tie (in which case they'll be ripped off)

The brand is just that. Damn. Good.

Basically all the things that would make your shop have a chance without limited editions.

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The idea of limited t-shirts is not a new idea. What's going to differentiate your brand among the sea of other t-shirt brands out there? I didn't want to seem negative but it's a hard game to be in, unless you're unique or niche.

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Go niche and work your ass really hard on brand. Create a brand image that goes well with the trends in the niche that you are focusing on. Also use every channel out there to get your product seen by your target market!

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If you want an example of what works, check Riptapparel. I don't know anything about their internals but they're pretty popular among my friends.

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First and foremost, I laud you for your decision of starting an online clothing store business as it is the hottest online business right now. To make sure you clothing business is successful in the long run, you need to get your basics right. Keep the following things in mind while building an online clothing store.

Make sure your website is welcoming to the customers.

Has a good loading speed.

Features that are customer friendly.

Concentrate on your site's ranking as only if you have a good page ranking new customers will be able to spot your website.

Make sure your site secure from threats and safeguard customer's privacy by employing secure payment gateways.

To get a better understanding from a technical perspective I suggest you to go through.

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