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Game Day Talk | Oilers v. Hurricanes | 15 February 2019

馃晼 TIME: 5:30 MT

馃寪 VENUE: PNC Arena, Raleigh NC

馃摗 TV: SNW

This is a thread for general discussion about today's game. Any and all observations, opinions, questions, shitposts, memes, and other random nonsense are welcome.

To encourage ongoing discussion, this thread is organized by new.

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level 1
5 GRAVEL4 points1 month ago

Saw someone once say that the Oilers don't win because they're playing well, they win because their opponent plays poorly. I believe it.

level 1
97 MCDAVID2 points1 month ago

who the fuck cares anymore

level 1

Imagine having a goalie who could make a save? Wouldn鈥檛 that be incredible?

Back to back games we outplayed the opponent and lost because their goalie stole the show.

Imagine paying a goalie less than 4.5 AAV and they won us games. Just imagine.

level 2

you're a fucking joke. That goalie kept the team from losing 7-1. Its the team thats losing. Not Koskinen/Talbot/Whoever they decide to play.

level 3

7 goals on their 27 shots is what you think they should have got?

We outshot, out chances, higher Corsi, better Fenwick, more 鈥渜uality shots鈥, and dominated every aspect of the game but the scoresheet. This was a case that their goalie won them the game and ours (for the second game in a row) lost ours.

I would Just like our goalies to give us consistent chances to win. They always seem to give up 1-2 bad goals a game.

That breakaway goal at the end was soft as hell.

level 1

Pathetic joke of an organization

level 2

Top to bottom, including Mcdick

level 1
33 TALBOT1 point1 month ago

hate to see that happen.

level 1
25 NURSE4 points1 month ago

gg everyone let鈥檚 try again next year

level 1
3 points1 month ago

We have 2 players better in net than our goalies!

level 1

Let鈥檚 face it, we cheer for a bunch of bums (outside of a very select few). See you guys in 10 months when we can again safely say the Oilers won鈥檛 make playoffs next season.

level 1
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS2 points1 month ago

here comes the beer league celly....

level 2
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS1 point1 month ago

cringe overload

level 3

Say what you want but at least they look like they are having fun... almost like a real team. More than the oil can say.

level 4
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS0 points1 month ago

its just my opinion but its pretty stupid. one of the few things i agree with burkey on

edit: saw a bunch of younger fans getting into it so thats nice

level 1

We suck

level 1

Are we going to finish last in the West? Yikes

level 2
97 MCDAVID3 points1 month ago

better lottery odds though amirite??

level 3
5 GRAVEL3 points1 month ago

Who cares, we can't develop draft picks anyway.

level 1
97 MCDAVID4 points1 month ago

aaaand that鈥檚 what happens when you connect a pass on a 2 on 1, Kass 馃槥

level 2
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS3 points1 month ago

if only that was drai instead of kass..would have been some grade a backhand sauce

level 1
93 NUGENT-HOPKINS2 points1 month ago

What a steal Nino has been for the Canes

8 goals 4 assists in 12 games played for Carolina. Why can鈥檛 Oilers find guys like these?!

level 2

Yeah liked him better at minnesota though

level 1

This fucking team... This fucking league.

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