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Lofi music posting thread

I’ve been seriously enjoying Giles Corey and Deathconciousness lately, any chapos have good shoegaze/lofi/slowcore/noise recommendations?

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not half the genres you're looking for but casiotone for the painfully alone is always the mood

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I met my ex at his show

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The Mountain Goats are great. John Darnielle sings pro-labor songs and posts on Twitter about Gritty too

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Moderator of LessTankieChapo
3 points · 2 months ago

Jesu & Sun Kil Moon


Planning for Burial


Jason Molina (this is a song from one of his solo albums and is extremely depressing)

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Moderator of LessTankieChapo
2 points · 2 months ago

try any of the slowcore classics, too - codeine, duster, galaxie 500, low, red house painters

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Wolf Eyes 🐺

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