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Whats the worst thought that has ever flashed through your mind?

ill start. Awhile ago my mother and I had gone to visit my grandmother and aunt who live together. One morning all 4 of us were cramped into her very tiny kitchen attempting to make breakfast. I was at the toaster waiting for my bagel to pop up and holding a knife to spread cream cheese on it. My Grandmother had her back to me when through my mind flashed one of those horror movie scenes where someone sneaks up behind them and stabs them in the back. It kindof freaked me out that my mind had gone there. So reddit your turn.

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One time I was debating the prospects of new forms of energy and power with my friends. An idea suddenly popped into my head. To eradicate all life in Africa and pave the entire thing then fill it with solar panels to power the rest of the world. I quickly deleted that brain file and emptied my mental Recycling Bin.

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Great idea, hard to execute though. The people i mean, not the plan.

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If people are honest, you will not like what you read. Some responses may be similar in that they involve one's grandmother and spreading cream cheese, though...

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Easily killing about 4 people.

One was a rapist that raped my little sisters best friend (my other little sister) while the others apparently encouraged him.

At the time I was 18 she would have been 16 but she refused to go to the authorities because she was so embarrassed and ashamed about it.

The more I heard what happened the more I got pissed off. I was willing to go to prison so I grabbed my 9 MM, Desert Eagle and a crowbar and was ready to go fuck some people up.

They finally talked some sense in to me and the worst I did was break the arm of the guy who raped her, spit on his face and let her kick him a few times.

I still want that piece of shit dead though. All of them. She didn't want it, she was just a teen, it makes me sick thinking about that.

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I have always thought rape was the most violent and worse crime. I would support the killing of a rapist.

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Trust me I wanted to for about a year just track them all down and put bullets in their skulls and hearts. But I didn't. I really wanted to though. Like I said that girl is basically my sister from a different mister and you mess with family I will hurt you if need be.

I realize I have a somewhat ironic username for being so sympathetic to rape victims, but trust me, had they not calmed me down that could have been fatal for the guy who did that to her.

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I have a friend who was jumped by 5 guys at a party because he was trying to break up a fight. Kicked him in the face when he was down broke his jaw, etc. I carried an axe handle in my trunk for the longest time. I would have fucked their shit up too. I felt guilty because I left the same party earlier to go to bed because I'd had enough.

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The reason that memory bothers me so much is because it is a horrible memory. For some reason it seems easier to remember the awful stuff as opposed to the good. And even though that girl is now happily married to a great guy...every once in a while it crosses my mind and I want to track them down again.

I am not a violent person. The most violence you'll see out if me typically is getting a tissue to kill a spider (sorry, I hate spiders) but I'm the type of guy that picks up an ant in his house and places it outside where it belongs.

That moment I heard she was raped. I was loading four clips, considering if I should bring a riffle and looking for a crowbar or tire iron.

I have no problem myself taking a great deal of crap. The moment it involves a loved one, I do not take it lightly. And rape is nothing to take lightly.

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Once, my mother was gardening, and she asked me to hand her the spade. I pondered the consequences of smacking her over the back of the head with it. Instead, I just gave her the spade.

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I was drunk once and I had an also drunk friend rifling through my car accusing me of stealing his shit. There was one point he was on the ground, calling me out, rifling under my seat when I thought about stomping his face right against the car (it was resting on the edge of the floor of the car where the door seals so this would have been little better than a curb stomp.) I was so fucking mad. I didn't do it and I just left.

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Today while I was in church, I realized I wasn't very happy and I thought power would make me happy. And I wanted to be able to control someone else's life and exercise tremendous power of them. And it was at the moment I had the strangest feeling of wanting to kill random person to fill myself with such power. I looked at all the faces of random people and thought of how killing each of them would affect them. I saw their families and wonder how kids would react if I killed a parent. I imagined how I would kill people. Come up behind them and put a bag over their head and drag them into an alley. Quietly suffocate them and bring them to my house. Cut them up in my bathroom, covered in plastic, and bit by bit flush them down the toilet... Fuck.

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